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Chiron, the Wounded Healer and Centaur in fiery ARIES is squaring the fated Nodes of the Moon at 4 degrees Cancer/Capricorn March14th @ 8:53 pm PDT/ 11:53 pm EDT. March  15 @ 3:53 AM GMT. We are certainly feeling wounded and vulnerable. This is a FATED TIME. The entire world is feeling it, aren’t we?

This aspect ignited the annular solar eclipse on December 26, 2019, at 4°06’ of Capricorn. Eclipses leave 6-month imprints and repeat every 18+ years.

The current North Node in Cancer which is our highest spiritual goal points to HOME, emotional security, nurturing, food, safety and seclusion and the SOUTH NODE is our collective past, in Capricorn which rules the material world, historical structures, the patriarchy and elders.

The South Node is our Collective past, the North our True North aspiration point. In Capricorn, we are pressured to leave the traditional way of life behind. These ways of the rat race and corporate business is not nurturing us. The North Node in Cancer says literally go home to the GREAT MOTHER, call her Mother Mary, the Great Goddess, Ceres, Demeter, Qwan Yin, Tara, Isis, and where you feel safe, nurtured, secure. Go to what feeds you and to where you can nurture and feed others.

Now that most of the world is being quarantined temporarily because of Coronavirus we can see how very literal the ASTROLOGY signs and symbols are. The North Node in CANCER is all about home, food, nurturing and safety, has been in Cancer for the last  18 months. And here we are being forced to be quarantined at home where we will need to find nurturing, safety, sustenance, peace, and to care for others.

Chirotic healing is archetypal, in Aries it’s fast and furious. Remember that fire signs symbolize spirit. This is an initiation, a firewalk, a testing of our spirits. We are living in a Burning bush which is burning up old ways.

Chiron in defensive warrior action Aries mode initiates us in a fiery inferno of fight or flight. Our fear factor and adrenal glands are on high alert. Fear and negativity also weaken your nervous system.

Don’t buy into fear and scarcity. This is a global reset button. See the bigger AQUARIAN soon to come picture. We are all in this same boat together. Hoarding is ridiculous, ego-driven and the old Capricorn South Node of me, my things. We need to look at our lives from a totally new perspective. We need to think collectively. We need to learn to live with less. Stores will be closed, entertainment has stopped. We can’t just go to the store and get whatever we want when we want it on demand to avoid our own feelings or to keep us propped up to buy into the rat race. Consumerism is an addiction. We are being pared down in a very Saturnine matter to what is really most essential. HEALTH is wealth. In spite of many people dying many recover and overall, this is a very good and healthy thing. I see it as the coming AQUARIAN age prep

DO Boost your immune system with healthy organic natural simple whole foods not KD and herbal medicines. Eat the highest quality foods you can. Do drink Organic chicken soup for those that eat meat its very good. 

 High doses of natural Vitamin C powder is great. Eat fresh oranges with it. Herbal teas that loosen phlegm like mint tea with raw organic honey are good.

This is the perfect time to fast intermittently.

You must become your own entertainment unit.   If you have children at home it is a major opportunity to be an old fashioned family again and prep and eat meals together, to play board games and do puzzles. Good old fashioned Saturn hands-on things.

Do Practicing yoga deep breathing meditation. 

DO REST. This is a gift in disguise. Governments ought to give out pay for sick people. Universal testing for Covid and community help should be implemented not just propping up businesses.

As Saturn at the Last most critical degree of its own rulership in Capricorn is super strength. It signifies restrictions, endings, limits, hard work and times, testing, and corporations business and governments having heavy boundaries placed on them.

The Nodes of the Moon and Fate will change signs on May 5th with the North Node moving backwards into Gemini and the South Node to Sagittarius. NOTE that GEMINI rules the lungs, airborne things, communications and Sagittarius rules foreigners, airplanes, and laws.

This CHIROTIC NODAL pressure is an important karmic turning point before this change comes into effect less than two months from now.  Later Jupiter will conjoin with Pluto which may bring wealth redistribution benefits,

My only 2020 prediction was this. If we can only make it to December 21, 2020, then we will then see the first Hope of radical change and a breath of fresh air as Jupiter and Saturn form their grand Conjunction st 0 Aquarius governing the next 20-year cycle. Note that it is the firstie in 800 years that these 2 planets meet in an AIR Sign which rules airborne things ideas inventions, communications the internet and higher collective consciousness.

Check out where 0- 4 degrees ARIES 0-4 degrees CAPRICORN, CANCER and LIBRA are in your natal chart to see which houses and other aspects are affecting you personally.

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Believe in the power of faith

Yes, we are in a serious world crisis but today March 14th there is a very positive aspect as MARS in Capricorn sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES.

This is a very grounding dreamy aspect, Literally, build it in your imagination and they will come. Like in Field of Dreams.

painting by Aurora of Sedona

The heavy Scorpio Moon energy gives way to Upbeat SAGITTARIUS in the early morning at 7:09 am EDT.

SUN Sextiles PLUTO this is a double positive whammy energy

amplifying the Mars in Capricorn to Neptune in PISCES even bigger,

PLUTO is wealth and this is visionary, spiritual compassionate wealth.

I know people have been hoarding food and toilet paper- a Pluto ruled thing, Pluto rules waste matter. 

DO believe and have faith today. Your desires {Mars} and wishes hopes and dreams Pisces make it happen.

Sagittarius Sun makes 2 inconjuncts to  Uranus and Venus in Taurus 

the practical romance and the urge for adventure dont blend well right now

Sage Moon trines Chiron in Aries 

Sage rules International travel and of course, the World is shut down right now as it never has been before, Frustration may arrive.  Chiron in Aries is the wounded warrior, it’s our armouring and defences. What has most of North America run around and hoarded? That is the public defending themselves against a new {Aries} perceived threat and enemy,

Stay focused on positive outcomes from the CORONAVIRUS and all the International breakdown financially, economically, spiritually, philosophically. This doesn’t mean take things for granted that things will go back to “normal” after this higher consciousness intervention,

Remember Saturn is at the last most critical degree of Capricorn at its most intense and heaviest. We are only 7 days away from Saturn entering Aquarius. This is a glimmer of hi-tech hope.

March 20 MARS exalted in Capricorn and JUPITER in fall in Capricorn are conjunct. This can amp up war measures because of foreign Jupiter business. The government may institute martial law because of the Covid19 virus. The WHO may also initiate an emergency measures act which may not be a good thing at all.

Saturn will only be in Aquarius until July 1st which is Canada’s Birthday indicating Canada will be more affected.

Let’s stay with the positive stuff for now.

Mars conjunct Neptune also exacerbates addictions, illusions, delusions, projections, paranoia on some level and of course it’s about being shut-in as Neptune in Pisces in the 12th Sign/House. Be careful taking medications and mixing too many different types of even natural remedies. Do your diligence.

Do pay attention to your dreams tonight too.

Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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