Weekly Horoscopes March 9-15

Astrology clock

Astrology clock

Horoscopes are based on Solar houses with your Sun sign as first House. If you know your Moon Sign and Rising use those too for helping energy for this week.


March 9 VIRGO FULL MOON  AT 19 DEGREES a harvest of dreams.

MERCURY TURNS STATIONARY DIRECT AT 28 AQUARIUS at 8:48 pm PDT/ 11: 48 PM EDT/ March 10 @ 3:48 am GMT

March 11 Sun sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn- a lovely positive solidifying dreams energy

FRIDAY March 13 SCORPIO Moon water trine

March 14 MARS in CAPRICORN sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES- build those dreams

SUN SEXTILES PLUTO in CAPRICORN-nice soft supportive dreamy and practical


CHIRON and LILITH are lovers in early ARIES and can bring healing desire for new relationships and those that flamed out. MARS is boosting your career potential. Grow roots while Mars grounds you. VIRGO Full Moon in 6th House of HEALTH, practice good hygiene. You feel imperishable. Be practical and safe.


URANUS and VENUS are canoodling in your sign shooting out of this world electric Ladyland vibes into your life. A very freeing, creative energy on every level can bring money from unusual sources. Get a big makeover. The Virgo Full Moon in your 5th house of will power, giving love and creative self-expression. 


MERCURY turns Direct on the 9th/10th freeing you up to move ahead with ideals. The VIRGO Full Moon in your 4th house says clean up your act. What have you completed in the last nine months? Take stock. Asteroid Hygeia is in GEMINI right now. Work from home if you can. Do watch your Health. 


VIRGO Full Moon in 11th House of communications, talk about what’s worrying you. Career and family opposing needs has you feeling quite frazzled from the intense Capricorn energy. Do remember to take care of yourself.  On the 13th, take a big long healing bath of the soul. Mercury Direct moves money to you.


The VIRGO FULL MOON in your 2nd solar House of money and self-esteem says be aware of a balanced budget. You never have a self-esteem shortage. Make sure a new dream, lover or money is real. Mercury moves Direct in your relationship and communication House. DM’s, social media are fast forward.


The VIRGO Super Moon in your 1st house of self is completing and taking stock of all spiritual, romantic, dreams, creativity, deal with addictions, losses, mental health and consolidate debts. Mercury turns Direct in your Health House. Be extra mindful of your health now but dont go into fear panic and hoarding mode.


VIRGO Super Moon in your 12th house highlights imbalances in relationships, mental health, addictions, dreams, illusions, and debts. You’re under extra pressure from Capricorn stellium of planets. Mercury Direct in your 5th house opens new ways of communicating to lovers, creatively and with children.


VIRGO Super Moon in 11th house brings small gifts from organizations, networking and social media. A healing Lilith woman may show up. Dreams,  delusions, debt or addictions may linger from Sun Neptune conjunction. On the 13th do water cleanse to purify sticky spiritual negativity You’ll feel rejuvenated. 


Super Moon in VIRGO in the 10th house of career and worldly fame. Stay humble, pay attention to details. You are here to serve as a teacher and inspirer. Neptune Sun energy brings new inspirational dreams. Mercury turns Direct in 3rd house. Get back to writing and channelling new ideas and finishing up projects now.


VIRGO Super Moon in your 9th house says study, learn, teach or brush up on info. Pay attention to details under these heavy pressures. New inspiration and dreams just dawned, you need to act on and build them. Mercury turns Direct in your 2nd house, money and feeling more compassion will begin to flow in soon.


The 8th house of transformation highlighted by VIRGO Super moon brings money, love, and a healthy routine into a practical new reality. Money may begin to flow but start small, stick to a strict budget. Avoid feeling paranoid. Mercury turns direct in late AQUARIUS in your 1st house, get onto those new projects.


VIRGO Super Moon in your 7th house of love and commitments is harvest time. Sun Neptune conjunction has really lit you with dreams, visions and angels at your back, bring it all down to earth. Pay attention to health as Mercury turns direct in the 6th house, new alternatives can boost a sensitive immune system.


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