Water cleanses the soul

March 5 a great day to go with the flow of your emotions. Cancer moon trines and opposes 5 planets.

The emotional and moody Cancer Moon helps is to visualize our brightest hopes and dreams today as it trines the Sun and Neptune.

Sun Neptune conjoin on March 8 at 18+ degrees. I’ll write about that separately.

Moon opposes Jupiter Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn

This is a face-off a tug-of-war between the feminine and historic corporate structure.

Elizabeth Warren stepped down from her presidential bid today. Saturn was also on her natal Jupiter at 0 Aquarius too dignifying an end to her campaign.

You may be feeling very moody, bursting into tears, needing to feel loved, secure and emotionally safe. Cancer rules the stomach, you’ll feel better with comfort food. Eat whatever makes you feel nurtured. It’s a good to cleanse your soul from ancient toxins today. Get into a deep bath and rebirth yourself. I did it earlier today andvitcworjed

Wash that man, that old vendetta, that old soul wound, mother or childhood wound away. The sun Neptune conjunction is a beautiful golden ray of angelic light, trust and faith.

Neptune in the Tarot is #18 The Moon. It symbolizes the Dark Night Of the Soul. Neptune also rules viruses. The Sun is # 19 the Sun. These are the two luminaries or lights of the heavens. Trust that somehow there is light, The Sun at the end of the Tunnel.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

I am feeling the energy in the world. I’m nice sick for the 3rd time this winter. I do have allergic bronchitis so I must be very careful. Do be careful of Covid-19. stay safe. Stay indoors. Wash your hands. Boost your immune system. Use Vitamin C in natural form. I use liquid Vitamin D. Immune boosters from health food store. Please send me health blessings. I’m feeling better today.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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