The oldest monument on the planet: Gobeklitepe ready for tourism

I would love to visit this ancient Temple site 12,000 years old. I always sense the energies and spirits of the people who lived there every time I have visited ancient sites. Stonehenge, the Pyramids and ancient tombs of Luxor, Baalbek in Lebanon, Knossos, Crete, Rhodes, Athens, in West Africa, Timbuktu, and Mali,  Venice, London England, Chaco Canyon, and Canyon de Chelley in New Mexico, Monument Valley, Utah, and Sedona, Arizona,   Source: The oldest monument on the planet: Now Gobeklitepe gets ready to welcome millions

Earth has a brand new Mini Pet Moon

Earth has picked up a mini- Pet  Moon

Elon Musk tweeted “It’s not mine,” the only man on the planet who could say that.

Apparently, the little asteroid that could has been circling our earth for 3 years and may only be around until April 2020 but we will see what this little cutie is all about.

Interesting synchronicity, an extra new emotion, the Moon always symbolizes mother.

DestinationMoonPage35 Fawcett Comics George Pal Productions/ Public domain

DestinationMoonPage35 Fawcett Comics George Pal Productions/ Public domain

Daily Astrology and Tarot reading

February 27 MOON’s in ARIES a new lunar cycle has begun

Aries Moon does those CARDINAL square things

Squaring Jupiter in Capricorn in the wee hours

impatience will rule the day

Moon conjunct Venus in ARIES

fiery impulsive action-oriented, anger is high

and square Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn

The big brakes are on the impulses to go go go frustration levels will be high

Moon is void of course from 7:25 pm PST/10:25 pm EST

Until MOON enters sensuous grounding TAURUS @ 11:30 pm PST

February 28 EST and GMT 

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NOTE Mercury retrograde blooper I saw January 27 instead of February

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