Kirk Douglas Hollywood legend Astrology dies at 103

Famous Hollywood legend Actor Kirk Douglas dies at 103 on February 5, 2020. What his astrology chart says about his life and death that gives him superstar status and longevity?

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Kirk_Douglas_1963 Photographer-Henry Grossman, New York [Public domain] in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest on BroadwayI wrote this article two months ago when Kirk turned 103. He passing away today February 5th, 2020. 

Kirk Douglas was an incredible actor, the last living legend from Hollywood’s Golden Age days  His life is literally a rag’s to riches story as he was brought up in abject poverty, a Jewish immigrant family’s son. His father was a rag picker. The lowest job.

Douglas turned a remarkable 103 years old on December 9th  and I was curious to look at his astrology chart.

You can go to Wikipedia to read up on the Hollywood legend

Kirk Douglas AstrologyKirk Douglas Hollywood legend, Astrology

Kirk was a fiery Sagittarius born on A full Moon with the Moon in communicative planet Gemini and Mercury also in Sagittarius close to the Sun. Sagittarius is an easy-going, higher truth…

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Jupiter Opposite U.S. Sun

February 6  Trump is acquitted of two impeachment charges as I predicted.

JUPITER is Capricorn is opposite the U.S. Sun at 13 Cancer.

Jupiter in Justice, honesty and truth. Jupiter in esoteric Astrology is ruler of Higher or Sacred Law as opposed to Man-Made law.

I know many Democrats won’t like this but somehow Justice has been served. Jupiter is trust. On higher levels there are other things than man-made laws operating that we may not understand.

I am not a Trump supporter. I am staying out of the mainstream media circus of mismanaged information. 

The Moon is in Cancer also the sun sign of America. We are in the feels, It’s a time of turning inwards, receptive, needing comfort, sentimental, searching for a safe place emotionally. Need home cooking, and reminiscing about the good old days. 

Cancer Moon opposes Jupiter in Capricorn in the afternoon

get serious and down to business. 

Moon trines Neptune

which is great for writing, imagining, dreaming, romance, and all creative pursuits. Stay home. Neptune in Pisces is addictions prone.

Moon inconjuncts the Aquarius SUN

emotions and ego’s are off-kilter, Something doesn’t feel quite right but you may not be able to put your finger on it. 

Venus is at the last degree of PISCES and very sensitive, She enters ARIES on the 7th at 12:02 pm PST/ 3:02 pm EST/ 8:02 pm GMT

the Full Moon in Leo is on the 8th at 11:33 pm PST and the 9th T 2:33 am EST/ 7:33 am GMT

ill write a bit more tomorrow

I’m prepping to go into a 3 day intensive writing retreat to finish my book and maybe do something completely new. 

i will be posting only short videos for the next few days. Please browse through my old articles there are thousands of them

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