1:11 Hole in the sun. solar winds arrive in 3 days.

From Space weather. Coronal holes allow solar winds to hit the earth affecting the Electro magnetic fields in the earth, satellites, and in our bodies coronalhole_sdo_blank.jpg 1,024×1,024 pixels
— Read on www.spaceweather.com/images2020/11jan20/coronalhole_sdo_blank.jpg

Astrology for 1:11 2020 Numerology

Daily Astrology vlog January 11, 2020

This is the anniversary of the original 11:11 event created by Solara on January 11, 1992. I said 91 on my video but it was 92. I was part of that huge worldwide meditation in Jupiter, Florida. 

the day after the big cancer full blood wolf moon and the day before the Saturn Pluto conjunction

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Tarot Card Horoscopes for 2020

The Annual Tarot Card Reading Horoscopes with Laurie Huston of News From the Heart recorded on January 7

if you want to jump to your Sun Sign here are the timestamps. You can also read about and use your Moon sign and Ascendant/Rising sign too. 

ARIES 4:00 Da’at the Invisible Sepiroth

TAURUS 6:39  The Chariot #7

GEMINI 8:53  Strength #11/8

CANCER 11:19  Queen of Cups- Cancer energy

LEO 15:53  Prince of Swords Aquarius energy

VIRGO 18:07  8 of Disks/ Coins/Pentacles  Sun in Virgo energy

LIBRA 21:15  5 of Swords, Venus in Aquarius energy

SCORPIO 23:24 The EMPEROR #4  Aries energy


CAPRICORN 28:33 3 of Cups, Mercury in Cancer


PISCES 34:36, 10 of WANDS, Saturn in Pisces

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Thanks, Laurie

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