Sylvia Plath Life and Death Astrology

Sylvia Plath is honoured by Google on the Anniversary of her Birth. October 27, 1932.

A celebrated American poet and novelist, her most famous book is The Bell Jar. Sylvia Plath was a prolific writer in her short life accredited with creating confessional poetry. She was married to fellow poet Ted Hughes whom she had two children with. Plath suffered from clinical severe depression her entire life and tried to commit suicide multiple times. She was given electroshock “therapy” treatments multiple times but committed suicide at age 30 in England.

She was celebrated during her life. In her groundbreaking novel The Bell Jar the protagonist, Esther feels like she is a prisoner of the expected narrow views of women in the 1950’s-1960’s domestic duties and fears for the loss of her inner self. Plath has become a feminist icon. She was survived by her daughter and son. Her son committed suicide and her daughter is also an artist and writer. 

Does Plaths’ literary genius, she had an IQ of 160, and her lifelong depression and suicidal tendencies show up in her astrology chart?

Born October 27, 1932, in Boston Mass, at 2:10 pm with transits at her death on February 11, 1963

sylvia Plath astrology Natal and death chart

sylvia Plath astrology Natal and death chart


Sylvia was a SCORPIO SUN and MERCURY, the sign associated with death, rebirth and transformation. Sylvia had penetrating insights into what was going on behind the ‘normal” facade of life. Scorpio’s are obsessive signs,  driven to uncover the depths of the depths, they are fearless, strong and fascinated with the mysteries of life and death. They can also be possessive jealous and paranoid.


This is a karmic square. Saturn is a  heavy depressing planet. In late Capricorn, the sign which Saturn rules, the planets’ influence is stronger. Saturn symbolizes the father. Sylvia’s Dad died when she was only 8 years old, leaving a lasting scar on her psyche. The Sun symbolizes vitality and Joy. Saturn’s natal square is an indication of depression. Life was always hard. Sylvia wanted respect.

SATURN conjunct CERES squaring URANUS in ARIES

CERES is the Great Mother Goddess. Plath rebelled against the traditional roles of women defines only as mothers. Saturn in CAPRICORN governs career and worldly success through hard work. Sylvia carried a burden of motherhood with the rejection of traditional roles. Her mother was not nurturing to her. Her career was a form of mother love.  She had two children but likely suffered from post-partum depression on top of her usual depression


This T-square shows the toxic nature that Sylvia chose to deal with in her short lifetime. PLUTO, Lord of death is in CANCER, the sign of “Mom and apple pie” the sign of nurturing, motherhood, emotional safety and home. In Sylvia’s psyche, there was no safe place emotionally. I wonder what her birth was like because this is a sign of a very difficult dramatic birth. The baby may not have wanted to be born. A life and death struggle is indicted right form the get-go. URANUS is the sign of individuality, rebellion, and radical invention and pioneering. Uranus in ARIES IS A TRAILBLAZING RADICAL

MOON conjunct JUNO

Sylvia Plath’s incredible intelligence is shown by JUNO the traditional Goddess of Marriage, in Libra conjunct to her Moon exactly. Juno was Jupiter or Zeus’s wife who he cheated on constantly, in the latter Patriarchal version of the story that we are most familiar with. I believe JUNO was the feminine form of genius and equal to, if not superior to Zeus, who she was married off to and her genius status was written out of history. In her life Sylvia rebelled against Patriarchal’s narrow definition of women’s roles during the mid 20th Century. The Moon in Libra is traditionally the sign of marriage and relationships, a don’t rock the boat sign. Libra Moon gave Sylvia charm and grace and she also wanted to be socially acceptable. There was a schism in her there. 

The Asteroid ATROPOS, one of the 3 Fates or Morai in Greek Mythology. With her sisters, Clotho and Lachesis, Atropos was the sister who decided how each human would die and held shears in her hand with which she cut the thread of life. This Morai spoke to me telling me to insert her into Plath’s natal chart. Here she is 3 degrees away from the natal Moon Juno exact conjunction in Libra. Sylvia’s life was always “hanging by a thread.” 


the last degrees of all signs are super strong. AQUARIUS is the sign of rebellion, invention, higher consciousness, detachment. Sylvie’s Descendant was 29 LEO conjunct Fixed Star REGULUS the ROYAL STAR. She was destined for fame. 


She was innately talented and drew to her many wonderful things. She was always restless, searching, a teacher, needed humor. 

Sylvia’s innate feminist independence is shown by BLACK MOON LILITH at 19 Taurus in Plath’s 2nd house of values and resources conjunct to the Hardest Fixed Star in the sky, Algol, or Medusa’s head, an Amazon warrioress.

LILITH forms a Finger of God or Yod formation with Asteroid PSYCHE at 19 Libra and  Plath’s NORTH NODE OF FATE at 16 degrees PISCES in her first house of self-identification. Plath was extremely sensitive and psychic. Pisces North Node is a sign of great imagination, and genius, self-undoing, spirituality but also illusions, delusions, mental illness and addictions. Plath’s highest spiritual goal would be to surrender her ego and be a martyr and return to spirit. 

Plath had a strong VIRGO STELLIUM,

A Neptune Jupiter exact SOUTH NODE conjunction with EROS conjunct VENUS. Neptune Jupiter conjunct to the South Node and squaring her MC or reputation and career goals. The Neptune Jupiter conjunction in itself shows Plaths incredible bountiful creative side. Also her addiction to illusions, projections, and projections. The SOUTH NODE is a past life indicator. Plath may have been a powerful spiritual leader or a woman accused of being a witch, a magician. Jupiter Neptune can bring both incredible creativity but at a huge cost. Virgo is the sign of intelligence, organization, the workaholic, the perfectionist, the nitpicker, the servant, the OCD identity. Virgo is the sign of health and Jupiter Neptune would magnify Plaths ability to pick up everyone else’s emotions which affected her mental health. She was incredibly sensitive, which misdiagnosed becomes a split personality. The world was erotic and there were past life feelings of not being worthy.


Mars is the planet of drive, passion, sex, desire and anger. Sylvia was a very proud woman, there may have been some narcissistic elements in her personality where were sublimated by the T-square to Mercury and Lilith conjunct CHIRON. Mars is in the 6th house of servants’, health and perfection.

Sylvia was very much the Queen of the Wounded Healers. That Scorpionic x-ray vision and depths of the anger in her soul were fueled by LILLITH AND CHIRON in TAURUS. She felt everything, her body talked and hurt her. She felt trapped in the confines of her physical feminine body. She was a very angry feminist at a time when this wasn’t acceptable. Her writing proved a path to healing for others. 

At the time of her death by suicide

Transiting PLUTO conjunct her SOUTH NODE with CERES

The Great Mother symbollized by Ceres called her home. Pluto the Lord of the Underworld shortened her life. 

Transiting South Node as conjunct to her Natal Saturn is depression, the past karma, South Node is fated.JUPITER conjunct Plath’s NORTH NODE in PISCES opposite Jupiter

Jupiter would activate and expand Plath’s natal psychosis illusions delusions, demons and paranoia. She was addicted to pain and suffering.  

Transiting SATURN in AQUARIUS opposite to Natal Mars

This represents a rebellion from her ego and her anger.


This is the WOUNDED HEALER  activating any health issues of the body and spirit.


Uranian energy is radical, detached, rebellion. This major transpersonal aspect electrified Plath’s deep psychological and spiritual wounds. She would just want out. 

The world lost a young feminist genius. But her legacy continues. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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