Astrology in the news

astrology in the News the New Yorker’s latest article on the Renaissance in Astrology 

I teach Astrology classes, lead workshops at the Grail Springs Wellness retreat and other locations and provide Astrology readings at corporate and private events.

How to use astrology to enhance your business, a short intro to how using astrology to launch products, for communications skills and how to understand future trends. 

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Uranus up close at New Moon October 27

Uranus, the off-kilter planet will be at greatest opposition and peak visibility at 4 a.m. EDT on the 28th. Uranus will rise at sunset, climb highest in the South around 1:00 am local daylight and set at sunrise. This means it rises at sunset, climbs highest in the south around 1 a.m. local daylight time, and sets at sunrise. “(From 40° north latitude, Uranus peaks at an altitude of 63°, the highest it has appeared at opposition since February 1962.)” Uranus shines bright enough to be seen with the naked eye under a dark sky, its best to use binoculars to locate it initially. A telescope reveals the planet’s blue-green disk, which spans 3.7″ – excerpted from

“As good fortune would have it, this year the new moon – a moon most nearly between the Earth and sun for this month – falls on October 28, too, only about four hours before Uranus reaches opposition. The moon turns new at 3:38 UTC. That means there is no moonlight to wash out the 2019 Uranus’ opposition.

Take advantage of these upcoming moon-free nights because next year’s opposition of Uranus will fall on the same date as the Blue Moon – the second of two October 2020 Full moons – on October 31, 2020.” excerpted from

Venus in 2020, Astronomy and Astrology intersection

Venus, the planet of Love, women, beauty, relationships and the arts, just passed its descending Node on Friday October 25 at 2 UTC. What is the Descending Node? Astronomer Guy Ottewell says that nodes “shape the orbits of the moving bodies and set them up for whatever else happens”  

Astronomy and Astrology intersection. Ancient Astrology and Astronomy were once the same science/art for thousands and thousands of years. They use the same calculations, such as the Nodes of the planets and the moon. 

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