Pluto turns Stationary Direct, Astrology in the news 

Pluto turns Stationary Direct October 2/3. Pluto rules everything underground, in the earth, on the material planes, anything beneath our feet.

Pluto thought of in this way really is stronger in Capricorn an earth sign and the one most strongly connected to worldly power.  Pluto is Lord of Death, the Ancestors, the soul or psyche, power, secrets, control, the shades, rape, and sex in Hades. In modern evolutionary Astrology, Pluto rules the collective Unconscious and psychology. Pluto is also the God of Wealth, soul riches and material ones too. Many super-wealthy Billionaires have strong Pluto/ Jupiter conjunctions. While Pluto is Stationary about to turn Direct in the sky it’s a very powerful time to dig deep into the riches in your own soul and psyche. Here’s a perfect literal illustration of Pluto turning Stationary direct. 

Check out where 20 +degrees Capricorn is and thnk back to where you were April23/24 when Pluto turned Retrograde. We’ve spent all of this time in the Underworld working on our stuff. Deeply shedding, transforming, struggling, it hasn’t been easy. The next few days are a particularly potent turn around time. Integrate all the lessons now. Then move on up and move ahead Saturn will be catching up with you.

I came across this news item which reminded me of Pluto’s meaning. 

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Source: Pensioner finds 2,300-Year-Old Pure Gold Crown Under Bed