Virgo Love time

As Venus and Mars meet August 24 at 4+ degrees Virgo it’s time to celebrate Virgos

For all their service, nitpicky perfection, trouble shooting, sound criticism, hygienic ways, order, accountability, elephantine memories, attention to the deets, worrying, health consciousness, discipline, humility, decluttering, reliability, cost cutting,and quietly taking care of business,grounding the polar opposite Pisces energies. The bookkeepers of the universe. We love you!

Virgos are the virgin Queens. Sacred harvesters and organizers of the Zodiac.

If you have any Virgo planets in the first 8 degrees you get the Clean love hit from Venus and Mars.

All mutable signs- Gemini Sagittarius and Pisces benefit.

Check out where 0-8 degrees Virgo is in your natal chart.

VIRGO is the HERMIT in the Tarot #9 

Virgo rules work, community health finances and pets.

A good time to get a new pet, reorganize your diet health lifestyle work too.

Get your shit together time. Such excellent timing just before back to school.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

Let me know how this goes for you.

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5 thoughts on “Virgo Love time

  1. trying to catch up as you recommend…and found your reading of Feb 8th, don’t drown in your tears. I’m a cancer in about four different areas and not a Virgo but maybe it’s the Venus and Mars thing…I felt hollow, a brand new feeling for me and haunted, oh my…..I’m working it my honey, thanks as always in all ways. bbs


  2. natal Venus 8º Taurus. I was in printmaking class, with all its rituals. Teacher came down on me cuz I didn’t ask permish to use special roller + it’s for lino & I used it for etching 😦 so I got to clean it meticulously. also: I was smitten by woman working painstakingly on 3-plate “color separation” time-intensive project. we discussed technical details and she smiled at me.


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