Proudly shine your feminine genius Sun, Juno, last degree of Leo

August 22 Juno the feminine form of genius and the proud, loud, passionate Leo Sun at the 29th and most critical degree of Leo today.

Sun enters Virgo tomorrow and conjuncts Regulus the ” royal star” now at 0 Virgo for the next 2,160 years are according to Western Tropical astrology. More reasons for virgin whole unto themselves, belonging to no man Goddesses to ground themselves in holy sacred service to our mother the Earth.

Juno is known in latter patriarchal Greek mythology as Jupiter’s wife, who he cheated on a lot. As the symbol of marriage that’s a toxic symbol.

Juno’s symbol is like a magic wand. She symbolizes multitasking genius.

Show it off now. Everyone has an inner goddess, divine feminine.,

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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