Royal Baby Sussex Astrology

A new Royal Baby Boy is born May 6,2019 @ 5:26 BST weighing 3.2 kg, 7 pounds 3 ounces in London England at Portland Hospital a Private American facility in complete secrecy. The Duchess’s labour was reported shortly before 14:00 BST on Monday, by a brief statement from Buckingham Palace followed 40 minutes later by confirmation of the baby’s arrival.

Let’s look at this history-making bi-racial American Royal being.

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

The New Royal, 7th in line to the British Throne is a double earth sign Taurus born with the Sun on the powerful 15th degree of Taurus, a Taurus Ascendant and Moon at 0 degrees of communicative dual air sign Gemini.

Born at dawn with the Taurus Sun on his Ascendant, the boy, later named ARCHIE HARRISON MOUNTBATTEN-WINDSOR is a doubly earthy Taurus. Who will be sensual, strong, good looking, stubborn, and creative with rich taste.  He is a Venus-ruled woman loving Feminist with Venus in fiery Aries and will adore his Fire Sign Leo mom. The SUN also symbolizes his father Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. The father has the most profound affect on this child. and vice versa. Baby Archie will lead his father in a different direction. 

His Numerology is 5. The #5 in the Tarot is the Hierophant, High Priest or Pope. Indicating his role as a spokesperson. Number 5’s tend to do things the hard way. This card is also associated with Taurus so this kind of makes him a Triple Taurus.

Taurus’s are Fixed signs, strong-bodied, attractive, sensuous, practical, uncomplicated and very creative. Taurus like to make things, love music and art and can be lazy bulls. They crave stability and love to be in nature. Growing up at Frogmore cottage or in a pastoral setting will suit him perfectly. Taurus and speak slowly. Taurus rules the throat, and this baby will be an exceptionally charming communicator. The Queen is a Taurus too.

Harry is a Virgo, which is in harmony with his son’s Sun and Rising sign. They will both appreciate beauty. The boy will have broad shoulders a Taurus trait-like his dad. Harry is of course “over the Moon” and will be a very doting dad. He will be attending to every detail of his son’s life. Harry will have to get over his fear of germs when changing his son’s diapers. When it’s your own child you get over that.

Meghan is a Leo and will be a very proud protective loving affectionate strong lioness mom.

Meghan’s son has a lot of Fire in his chart. Meghan is a Fiery Leo Queen herself. Chiron, Asteroid Vesta, Venus his ruling Sun sign planet, Eris And Mercury which governs his Gemini Moon, plus Jupiter and Ceres in Sagittarius. They will blend well. 

The synchronicity begins.

THE MOON always indicates the Mother and Symbolizes Meghan.

The boy has a GEMINI MOON at Zero degrees in his first house of self-identity. He identifies and is emotionally tied to his mother very strongly.  The Moon is also his own emotional needs and wants.  He will have a clever, charming, curious, airy, detached, communicative, easily adaptable nature. Gemini is dual-natured, which fits perfectly for his dual race and dual citizenship. The boy has CHIRON the wounded healer in Aries sextile to his moon. He will want to help everyone much like his parents.

The SUN and MOON are 15 degrees apart and in different elements, he was born two days after a New Moon. Even though the Sun and Moon are close they are not totally compatable.

The boy’s chart is quite unusual as all the planets are on one side of the Zodiac the Eastern hemisphere. They are imbalanced and will attract all the signs they themselves are missing. 

The baby’s Mercury is in Aries ruling the Moon. The baby will be fast-talking at times and speak early. He may have a flair for languages like his mother. Mercury is conjunct Uranus, out of sign but still conjunct. He will have a unique way of thinking and talking. He is an inventive pioneer, and is destined to be an innovator working for the Collective Higher consciousness of Aquarian politics.

With Uranus in Taurus on his Ascendant signifying the unusual revolutionary nature of his bi-racial UK-US citizen he shakes up a thousand years old Royal Family. He will be bullish for radical change, revolution, new technology, freedom and rebellion.

His chart is not excessively complex.

Venus rules his Taurus nature. Venus at 18 Aries is the apex of a T-square to the North and South Nodes of the Moon-exact later today and Saturn Pluto.

This is a huge karmic significator. This boy’s job is to be a feminist and change the patriarchy- Saturn and the Plutocracy. He will initiate many philanthropic endeavours with the wealth and privilege he inherits. 

Neptune is also the apex of a T-square with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius

The boy will be a dreamer, imaginative creative and spiritual. Neptune rules Hollywood, film, actors and he may naturally be drawn to this world. He will be naturally curious to learn about the world, a natural traveller. He will want to teach, write publish and higher education will be extremely important. Mars in GEMINI brings out his dual nature, this could indicate bi-sexuality or a blurring of his sexual nature. He will be brought up in a yoga household with Grandmother Doria, Meghan’s mom a Yoga teacher along with Meghan and he will be interested in yoga, mysticism, politics and religion. He may exhibit creative artistic and musical talents. He will love to study history the military geography languages and be very sporty with a good sense of humour. 

Lilith at 0 Pisces indicates his compassion for women. He will be attracted to strong women like his mother, 

The final dispositer in the chart is MARS in GEMINI. His role is to communicate to question, to be a merchant and ideas person a thinker.

His NORTH NODE in CANCER in his 4th house indicates his highest evolution is to home, being with his Mom and dad, he will crave emotional privacy. He is a soft-hearted nurturer who will want to mom everything. The way to his heart is through his tummy. He is a sensitive boy who will cry easily. He needs to be sheltered from the Public. He is definitely a mama’s boy, which is a good thing.

His South Node in Capricorn conjunct SATURN which symbolizes Prince Harry his father and PLUTO the planet of Plutocracy in his 10th house of worldly fame squaring VENUS and ERIS in ARIES the disrupting planet in his 12th house of the Unconscious indicates a karmic soul evolutionary need to leave the Power, status, fame and Royalty behind. His mother as Venus is instrumental in helping his soul evolve in this way. Harry as his Princely dad is an old karmic connection for the young Archie.

Please share widely all writing is COPYRIGHT of Tara Greene

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8 thoughts on “Royal Baby Sussex Astrology

  1. Great post Tara! I am overjoyed the new Royal baby is a mixed-race boy. Arrived safe and healthy. I am also struck by the challenging aspects with Saturn AND Pluto retrograde in Capricorn! So a down-to-earth born communicator with heavy responsibilites on his shoulders.

    Hopefully, he’s arrived at this time to inform the role of boys in the current climate of unprecedented upheaval of gender changes. In time, my hope is that the new Royal will have a role to eventually debunk so-called “toxic masculinity” which only applies to a very small minority of “men” in the world; and not to the vast majority of the real, honest, hard-working, thoughtful, men that I regulalrly encounter who respect their mothers and grandmothers, partners and sisters etc


    • Yes that is exactly my sense of who this little Royal soul is. I do believe that souls choose their parents before birth because of past lives spent together and to help each evolve. Yes heavy Saturn Pluto South Node energy for sure. Uranus conjunct the Sun on the Ascendant is surely a child who will be revolutionary with his Gemini Moon. There are many positive men in this world who are totally devoted to the feminine. I am very lucky that I am married to one of them.


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