Royal Baby Sussex Astrology

A new Royal Baby Boy is born May 6,2019 @ 5:26 BST weighing 3.2 kg, 7 pounds 3 ounces in Windsor. Buckingham Palace. The Duchess’s labour was reported shortly before 14:00 BST on Monday, by a brief statement from Buckingham Palace followed 40 minutes later by confirmation of the baby’s arrival.

Let’s look at this history making bi-racial American Royal  being.

Royal Baby Sussex Astrology

Royal Baby Sussex astrology chart

The New Royal, 7th in line to the British Throne is a double earth sign Taurus born with the Sun on the powerful 15th degree of Taurus, a Taurus Ascendant and Moon at 0 degrees of communicative dual air sign Gemini.

This boy is a doubly earthy Taurus, sensual, strong, good looking, stubborn, creative with rich tastes. He is a Venus ruled Feminist with Venus in fiery Aries and will adore his Fire Sign Leo mom.

His Numerology is 5. The #5 in the Tarot is the Heirophant, High Priest or Pope.

Number 5’s tend to do things the hard way. This card is also associated with Taurus so this kind of makes him a Triple Taurus.

Taurus’s are Fixed signs, strong bodied, attractive, sensuous, practical, uncomplicated and very creative. Taurus like to make things, love music and art and can be lazy bulls. They crave stability and love to be in nature. Growing up at Frogmore cottage or in a pastoral setting will suit him perfectly. Taurus and speak slowly. Taurus rules the throat, and this baby will be an exceptionally charming communicator. The Queen is a Taurus too.

Harry is a Virgo, which is in harmony with his son’s Sun and Rising sign. They will both appreciate beauty. The boy will have broad shoulders a Taurus trait like his dad. Harry is of course “over the Moon” and will be a very doting dad. He will attending to every detail of his son’s life. Harry will have to get over his fear of germs when changing his son’s diapers. When it’s your own child you get over that.

Meghan is a Leo and will be a very proud protective loving affectionate strong lioness mom.

Meghan;s son has a lot of Fire in his chart. Chiron, Asteroid Vesta, Venus his ruling planet, Eris And Mercury which governs his Gemini Moon plus Jupiter and Ceres in Sagittarius. They will blend well. 

The synchronicity begins. The boy has a GEMINI MOON which is his emotional nature and Meghan his mother. He will have an airy detached, communicative, charming, dual-nature and dual citizenship. The boy has CHIRON the wounded healer in Aries sextile to his moon. He will want help everyone.

The boy’s chart is quite unusual as all the planets are on one side of the Zodiac the eastern hemisphere. They are imbalanced and will attract all the signs they themselves are missing. 

The baby’s Mercury is in Aries ruling the Moon. The baby will be fast talking at times  and speak early. He may have a flair for languages like his mother. Mercury is conjunct Uranus, out of sign but still conjunct. He will have a unique way of thinking and talking.

With Uranus in Taurus on his Ascendant signifying the unusual revolutionary nature of his bi-racial UK-US citizen he shakes up a thousand years old Royal Family. He will be bullish for radical change, revolution, new technology, freedom and rebellion.

His chart is not excessiely complex.

Venus rules his Taurus nature. Venus at 18 Aries is the apex of a T-square to the North and South Nodes of the Moon-exact later today and Saturn Pluto.

This is a huge karmic significator. This boy’s job is to be a feminist and change the patriarchy- Saturn and the Plutocracy.He will initiate many philanthropic endeavairs with the wealth and priviledge he inherits. 

Neptune is also the apex of a T-square with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius

The boy will be a dreamer, will be curious and want to learn, travel, teach, write and be interested in yoga, mysticism, politics and religion. He may exhibit creative artistic and muscial talents. 

Lilith at 0 Pisces insdicates his compassion for women. He will be attracted to strong women in his imagination. 

The final dispositer in the chart is MARS in GEMINI. His role is to communicate.

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Love is hard Astrology

VENUS in ARIES squares SATURN in CAPRICORN and the South Node May 7 at 20 degrees 

LOVE IS HARD you may be feeling the weight of a heavy heart, heartbreak or loss. If so I feel you loss and send you blessings and prayers.

The Master of Hard, Saturn is making love and life in general even harder right now because this is a karmic love test conjunct to the South Node of the Moon.

for some, hard love  that might sound like a good thing. 

Saturn sets up obstacles, creates limitations and slows things down. We need to have patience. Venus in Aries isn’t. These are major lessons in love about  values, patience, and what’s worth waiting for.

If Royal Baby Sussex is late it is due to Venus in Aries square to Saturn in Capricorn and the South Node. Venus in Aries is in a hurry and Saturn is obstacles and patience. ANyone born now carries this karmic blueprint. 

Venus rules women.  money, values, luxury and creativity. If your pocketbook and financial issues are being stressed these days know the reason why. Venus in Aries wants to do things new and make a fresh start. She is very independent.  You may need to be more conservative right now.Venus will enter Taurus her own sign where she is strong on May 15.

Saturn in Capricorn is an old traditionalist. We are seeing clashes of Republican anti-abortion laws and modern independent women. The pressure to move forwards while there is a huge conservative resistance to change is prominent in the world these days.

Money may get tighter thought restrictive laws and tariffs. Saturn is the tax man.

The south node conjunction brings in the karmic drain to the picture.This can be used positively to jettison old lovers, habits, patterns, investments and traditional ways of doing things now. We need to  let go, declutter, leave the past behind.

Use Venus to boldly move ahead like an Amazon warrioress. 

Yes life may feel hard for many but we are at a major turning point in the world. The dichotomy of liberal new beginnings and old doddering traditional conservative values is very intense.

Be strong, fight the good fight. Fight for love if that is what your test is all about. Stand up to your elders or any restrictions which don’t want you to be with someone of different race or religion.

The recent admission of the Pope about Priests raping and using nuns as sex slaves reveals a karmic past history of the church’s war on terror of women which they now  need to pay for their abuse of women. 

We need to move towards the North Node in Cancer which Venus is also squaring.. Feminine inspiration leadership and  protection of women and children is paramount now. 

Saturn’s energy can make you feel tired he is as heavy as lead. But Saturn is also about long-term projects, goals, patience perseverance and being on top of the mountain.

Women need to stay on the front lines as warrioresses soldiers of love battling for freedom independence the right to own their own bodies and against big government bible thumpers and the old patriarchal religions and networks.

Saturn lends a woman weight in the best way possible. Brush up on your herstory-  Max Dashu has spent 40 years compiling the Suppressed Histories archive of women who were written out of Herstory. see link

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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