Heavy weight loss as Saturn turns Retrograde

April 28 Saturn turns Retrograde until September 18.

Saturn is the Heavy weight planet. As Father Time turns backwards we will  be in weight loss mode. This can run the gamut from literally losing weight to weight loss in your career,  family ties, in reviewing the steps, structures, hard knocks, limitations, depressions, karmic patterns of  father and authority issues we’ve dealt with up until now.

Saturn is the Devil #15 in the Tarot.

If you are 29 years old your Saturn return will cause you to looks back and go deeper into what is blocking you unconsciously with daddy issues. You must look into those old karmic issues before you can fully mature.

Look at which house or houses Saturn makes as it Retrogrades from 20+ degrees  31 minutes back to 13 degrees 55 minutes of Capricorn on September 18.

and the aspects saturn will make to any planets angles, nodes asteroids etc. 

I’ll write more soon for each sign.

PISCES MOON is easy today sextile sun and Uranus in Taurus

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