Lilith at last critical degree Aquarius

Lilith, one half of the Feminine aspect of god or the archetype of the necessary “negative” or death bringing aspect of nature is sitting at the last critical degree of Aquarius asking us to take the higher consciousness route.. Lilith is critically bringing all the Aquarian aspects of feeling different then others, like an outcast and appearing detached as a result. Lilith in airy Aquarius is also an unconscious negative value of Technology and its impact on our lives. Lilith in Aquarius symbolizes social media revenge issues- like “cancel culture” to which Lilith herself was subject to for 5,000 years . Lilith also challenges us to be open minded and accepting of all beings as equal.

Lilith enters Pisces May 3/4th where she will be deeply emotionally and psychically engaged in our collective unconscious. Lilith will be appearing in dreams a lot while she is in Pisces. She is not a vampire or “evil spirit or witch” she is Avery powerful archetype and a living goddess.

Speaking of the underworld. Pluto stationary Retrograde is very strong and significant in pointing out and repeating psychological and past life motifs and issues in our daily real lives. Pay attention to themes, lessons and issues which all have a common note or thread.

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