St. Patricks’s Day is Anti-Pagan

Happy St.Patrick’s Day may allude to the “luck
‘O the Irish who were never lucky. St. Patrick conquered the ancient Celtic pagans of Ireland and should be reviled not honored

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St. Patrick’s Day, the Luck ‘O the Irish and the pagans 

I am wishing you some good Green Goddess Blessings to you on St. Patrick’s day. But here’s the real dirt.

St. Patrick, Catholic Irish Saint, is known for driving the snakes out of Ireland. That story is actually a cultural re-visioning. St. Patrick, identified with the shamrock, was no Saint and not lucky at all for the pagans who worshipped the Goddess. Ireland since time out of mind was a pagan, Wiccan, Druid, Nature, Goddess-worshipping land. These people were demonized and ripped off by St. Paddy.

St. Paddy is NOT Irish. Born in Scotland to Roman parents around 387 AD.  Taken prisoner at 14, he was sent to Ireland as a slave. He studied the language and learned the customs of the people, original Nature loving, pantheistic earth worshippers. 

As the story goes, Patrick prayed to God. He…

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“Good enough” philosophy

My  2nd cousin, my cousin’s daughter was just here visiting with me and my husband this weekend. I hadn’t seen her since 2001 when she was 7 years old at another family gathering. She was born in Europe. She is currently studying philosophy at Oxford. We were talking philosophy a subjective always been interested in.

The synchronicity is This essay was chosen as the winner of the Brooklyn Public Library’s 2019 Night of Philosophy Op- Ed  Contest.

Modern New Age spiritual thought is all about “The Law of Attraction” being able to achieve all of your goals which sets up a sometimes unrealistic expectation of entitlement and can be doomed to make you feel worse keeping you in the spinning wheel of trying to achieve by doing more yoga, spending more on workshops, endless self-improvement, and never any acceptance of yourself and others and the world as it is.

D. W. Winnicott is an important figure in modern psychoanalysis who talked about “the good enough” concept.  Which is also a philosophical school of thought. Read the full article here,