Easy days, prepare for Mercury Retrograde

March 4 and 5th Astrology

March 4 there is only one major aspect and its a nice ‘n easy aspect as the Aquarius moon sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius. Air and upbeat optimistic Saggy Fire energy allows detaching from the heaviness we are feeling with Mercury at the 29th degree of Pisces.

March 5

Aquarius Moon sextiles Uranus at the very last degree of Aries. Say goodbye to Uranus in Aries for the next 84 years.

Moon enters PISCES 

MERCURY turns Retrograde at the last degree of PISCES. We will all have to go back to rehab. This is the territory Chiron transitted over the last couple of years. Any unfinished emotional business can be revisited over the next few weeks. 

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Uranus in Taurus will remind us that to be on this earth in a physical body is a radical experience itself


Ancient Elixir of Immortality discovered in China

An ancient Elixir of Immortality has been discovered in China.

3.5 liters of the rare liquid was found in a bronze pot unearthed from a Western Han Dynasty (202 BC-8 AD) tomb excavated from the tomb of a noble family in the city of Luoyang. It is an “elixir of life” recorded in ancient Taoist literature.

Immortality was something that Taoists were seeking just like the famous Ponce de Leon who sailed to Florida looking for the Fountain of Life. 

Would you drink an Elixir of Life?

I just realized the problem with this. If this Chinese family had the real Elixir of Immortality then they wouldn’t be dead right?

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