Don’t drown in your tears

February 8 Moon Conjuncts Chiron at 29th/30th degree The last degree of the zodiac. This is The End. Like the Doors song. No matter how exhausted, desperate, lonely, fed up, feel like quitting, feel there’s no hope, you’re locked in, your sick of trying, tired of living but scared of dying, old man river…the old man or rather woman ocean of Chiron in Pisces will wash you clean.

Trust, have faith, all the toxic baggage of the last 50 years is stinking up your aura. This celestial sewage must rise from the shadows as part of the cleanse. Are you fed up enough yet? With your own stupid games? With the idiocy of the world? And the frustration of the blindness, cruelty and fuckedupness of it all? Hang in, surrender your resistance, your addictions, your illusions, your fears, 10 days to go,

This is part of the renewal, call in your guardian Angels and your higher guided, them and your soul are the only things that really count, and your loved ones.

The earth is grieving too,

Chiron enters Aries OnThe 18th and a brand shiny new 50 year cycle begins.

Hold on. A new cycle is birthing. This is labour pains. You can do this.

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Critical time for Feminine Genius to heal our collections wounds

A Yod or Finger Of God formation February 7th between Chiron the Wounded shamanic healer @ 29 Pisces Sextile Juno Goddess of feminine genius @ 28 Taurus both quincunx to Asteroid of warrior wisdom Athena @ 29 Libra. Uranus @ 29 degrees Aries opposes Athena. the freedom loving, liberator, the creator of chaos and ingenuity is also semi-Sextile or 30 degrees away from Chiron and Juno. This is a very powerful configuration.