Goddesses Ceres Juno Vesta pointers

January 29

Scorpio Moon inconjunct Uranus in Aries at night in PST early morning EST and GMT

May make for unexpected changes in traffic and people’s moods are not having it.

Moon trines Chiron in PISCES

Chiron is once again at the last degree of the zodiac 29 Pisces until February 18 @ 1:10 am PST/ 4:10 am EST/ 9:10 am GMT when it finally re-enters ARIES again until April 14, 2027

Between now January 29 and February 18th its super important to release, cleanse and let go of all of your karmic baggage as this is an end to a 50-year cycle. If you’re sensitive and empathic even if you have strong boundaries you are picking up on the heaviness of these times. Do your own work diligently for the next 21 days. It’s important to feel fresh empty, open, renewed. The next three weeks may feel very intense as we move towards that new zero point. 

Scorpio moon opposite Asteroid Juno in Taurus @ 25 degrees conjunct. Algol, the most notorious Star in the sky – the blinking demon star- Medusa’s head.

What does this mean?

Vindication for women’s rights or anyone who’s been beheaded, not just literally, or for any victim who has felt unheard. Use Juno’s feminine Genius, her symbol is an 8 armed multitasking Feminine wisdom.

Juno is squaring Vesta in Aquarius @ 28 degrees 

Vesta is nearing the last critical degree of the zodiac. The square creates pressure. Vesta is the Virgin Goddess, meaning whole unto Herself and goddess of agriculture.As an asteroid she symbolizes focus, keeping the sacred fires burning. Her name is the root word of investments, money, tangible things. Women’s genius and intuition must be used to focus your energy unwaveringly on figuring out what to invest your time, money, assets and purpose in now.  Women need to get their heads back on their shoulders and reclaim their ability to speak. 

CERES Goddess Mother of the Earth, Demeter in Greek myths is in Sagittarius  January 25 until November 16, 2019

That’s almost a whole year for us to explore Sagittarius themes of higher learning, inspiration and optimism about and for Mother Earth, Food may be scarce because of world temperatures climbing and drought. 

Sun and Mercury meet Jan 29 @ 9+ Aquarius conjunct ASTEROID Achilles better watch out for your heel.

This degree is also near to the Total Lunar Eclipse degree of11+ Leo from January 31, 2018. New ideas, events, communications, organizations, groups, and radical brilliant ideas may be activated again relating to events from a year ago.

please share widely all writing is copyright of tara Greene

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