Humpday to Sunday astrology

Mercury is on the move this week. Entering airy radical higher thought revolutionary inventive group minded Aquarius, sign of the Water Bearer on the 23/24th. This shifts our minds to BIG PICTURE thinking. 

Water meant consciousness originally not feelings.

The Moon is in VIRGO from the 22- 24th emphasizing Mercury’s strong influence over this sign as well as Gemini. Mercury in Aquarius is literally a breath of fresh air.

Jan. 23 Mercury squares URANUS

The planet which rules Aquarius getting a jolt of the rad and new before it enters the Uranian weird off-kilter territory of high tech nerds, rocket scientists and internet worlds.This is a great day for brainstorming. We may be feeling fagged out from the Super Duper Blood Wolf Moon Lunar eclipse.

On the 25th Mars in Aries makes a positive trine to Jupiter, which favors expanding your philosophy, moving educational projects forwards and politics-perhaps the U.S. government will get on the move and back to work. 

This is an energizing inventive breakthrough action and fresh new ideas and dialogues energy. Be careful about too much derring-do. 

The Moon is in Libra from 24-26th making it a charming social time. 

Moon enters Scorpio on the 27th making our moods more obsessive, deeper, more intense, we are dealing with our shadows now. 

will write more soon. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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