Astrology in the News-Jupiter square Neptune

Astrology in the news. The Jupiter in Sagittarius Neptune in Pisces Square- coming into exact Jan. 13th. I came across this article.

A very interesting article about an 11th Century German Nun who was accidentally discovered to have microscopic crystals of a rare and precious Middle Eastern gemstone Lapiz Lazuli embedded in a tooth.

Lapis Lazuli, which was prized and used in Ancient Egypt, “is a gemstone mined only in a part of Northern Afghanistan, and a classic example of a luxury good in medieval Europe and Asia. It was prized for its rich blue color, and would often be processed into a dye called ultramarine, which was used in lavish gospels and prayer books produced by hand in European monasteries. How lapis lazuli got to a religious community in northwest Europe is a story of commerce and empire, likely involving Near Eastern gemstone traders, dye-makers in a major centre such as Alexandria in Egypt, and Venetian traders who dispersed ultramarine dye throughout Europe.”

It is thought that the Nun was a painter something governed by Planet Neptune in Pisces. Neptune rules artists and cloistered places. Jupiter and Neptune both rules religion and spirituality. Jupiter rules exotic things and long distance travels as well as publishing.  This aspect perfectly mirrors the “as above so below.”

“Warinner said a study of the social context of medieval German convents suggests the woman was likely at what the anthropologist called the “upper end of the social scale,” from a family that could afford to send her to such a community.

She was also likely a painter of some skill and authority, to be entrusted with such valuable materials, which would typically be provided by whoever had commissioned the religious text that was being painted.

“Within the context of medieval art, the application of highly pure ultramarine in illuminated works was restricted to luxury books of high value and importance, and only scribes and painters of exceptional skill would have been entrusted with its use,” reads the new paper in the journal Science Advances.

“An alternative theory to painting is that she was not involved in producing the manuscripts, but rather that she “performed emotive devotional osculation of illuminated books produced by others,” according to the new paper by Warinner and colleagues. In other words, she might have kissed the books, although this theory is less well supported, the authors conclude.”

“Whoever she was, “was plugged into a vast global commercial network stretching from the mines of Afghanistan to her community in medieval Germany through the trading metropolises of Islāmic Egypt and Byzantine Constantinople. The growing economy of 11th-century Europe fired demand for the precious and exquisite pigment that traveled thousands of miles via merchant caravan and ships to serve this woman artist’s creative ambition,” said co-author Michael McCormick of Harvard University.”

read the entire article here

Here’s an interesting astrology transit link to that time period with outer planets.

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