Spiritual frauds will fall. John of God

The Brazilian faith healer and medium John of God, João Teixeira de Faria in Portuguese has been accused by 300 women of sexually abusing them. He has surrendered himself to police December 17 after being labeled a Fugitive for not initially responding to his charges. 

Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Wayne Dyer, a famous New Age author of many books all went to see John of God for healing. Oprah has since taken down her interview with him. The faith healer saw 1,000 people a week. John of God claims that he does no healing but God and a discarnate Spiritual doctor directs his psychic surgery. JoG was accused of sexual abuse a few years ago and couldn’t travel to the US. because of it.

I know many, many people who have been to see him in Brazil and swear by him. But all men in spiritual power positions seem to fall down to their lowest chakra denominator levels. Many thousands of people worldwide saw him as a great healer and the last resort for those with cancer and other serious illnesses. He has been running a healing center in Brazil since 1976.  This indicates this was JoG’s midlife crisis for that center, a Uranian opposition is unexpected.

The thing is his healing is now tainted as he used these women as a sexual vampire. The whole town he supported will collapse. Of course, he denied the charges, he will say that some entity worked through him. But the testimonies of the women all point to the same tactics.  Power is a difficult thing to handle. Power corrupts absolutely. John of God sold his soul to the devil.


 This is just the beginning of spiritual healers, sexual predators and politicians will fall like flies during Jupiter in Sagittarius square to Neptune in PISCES all of 2019. Political corruption will be in the news and it may be devastating for many. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. This is a very good thing. 

Jupiter is the planet which symbolizes truth and justice, courts, trials, judges, religion, foreigners, spirituality and honesty. Neptune in Pisces governs illusions, delusions, gurus, oil, debt, mental illness, glamour, Hollywood, and addictions or hidden things.

All false gods, including the Catholic Church, Islam, Judaism, and their religious leaders and cults, all spiritual flimflammery- commercialized witchery, pseudo-spirituality, drug dealers, oil barons, snake oil salesman, politicians, sexual predators, rip off artists,dishonesty foreigners and countries will be brought to trial and to their end. Hollywood will have a major scandal almost make it lose itself. 

Recent news around John of God’s investigation claims bizarre energy happening as he was being questioned by police. That isn’t surprising with someone who works with high spiritual energies to crash computers and make random electrical things change. 


please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene



Painting by Napoleon Brousseau “Fifinochio” 1999 shown at Angell Gallery Toronto. https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-Cousin-Fifi-Inferno-1999/14565/1387214/view


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