Astrology in the News- Face transplant success

Astrology in the News.  An amazing story. A 26-year-old American man received a successful face transplant after shooting himself in the face in an attempted suicide. The surgeons worked for incredibly long hours in teams. They had to have incredible energy will and inspiration to do that kind of work. 

The Face and head are ruled by Aries. This type of radical new hi-tech surgery is governed by planet Uranus. Uranus is now in Aries the first sign again. Surgery is also ruled by planet Mars, aggressive cutting instruments. Mars is the planet of energy.

The first sign of the Zodiac is also Aries. In a Natural House system Aries is archetypally the Ascendant or Rising sign- the face or persona that one shows to the world would naturally be Aries ruled by Mars.

Face transplant are relatively new with under 50 people in the world receiving them.

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