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Venus in Scorpio erotic review

VENUS returns to Scorpio more triumphantly than ever having gone through her Retrograde resurrection. Venus is physically at her brightest in the sky right now, lighting the way through the darkness of all things Scorpionic-sex, the dark side, our demons, and shadows, money, women owning their power and autonomy as  sexual beings, control issues,  sexual abuse, and healing, resurrection,

Mercury Retrograde the planet of communications, the trickster plane of merchants too preceded her here December 1-12th a very short hop in the sack.

Aren’t we having a Deja Vu here?  Yes Venus enters Scorpio from September 9  on a New Moon in Virgo 

Venus turned Retrograde at 10 + degrees Scorpio on October 5th and turned Direct at 25+in Libra on November 16.

It will take until December 18 until Venus is actually ready to move on from all those love affairs, changes in values, resurrecting herself and unleashing some sexy knots in her karmic belt where she was all the back on September 9th, over 3 and half months ago. The year ends with Venus in Scorpio at 22+ degrees.

Venus in Scorpio even though we were here already, allows us to come back to the sign of sex, money, power, relationships and transformation with new insights gained while Venus was Retrograde. Her direction change in Libra indicates that we have learned what is out of balance in our relationships, and what we need to put into place to create more balance.

Venus is in Mars sign and traditionally weakened by this. But the more modern interpretation is that Venus is getting some balls. Mars is also in the Feminine eater sign of Pisces right now and through the end of 2018 and into 2019

I would definitely make a love potion at this time. Sexual energy and chemistry is in high gear, Scorpio is secretive, sensual, FIXED, undercover, emotionally at 200%, obsessive, controlling, dark, into the goth, S & M. 


Use this time to explore and to infuse your entire life with erotic energy. That is the very nature of life itself. We have been inbred and civilized away from these natural instincts. Time to get them back. Practice walking around at home with a blindfold; eating, making love, communicating blindfolded.

Venus in Scorpio dressed in a Dominatrix outfit, cracks her whips. Venus helps you to address your fears of intimacy while she is in Scorpio.

All religions have sought to control women’s sexuality as they have the direct line to ecstasy to the God/Goddess source. I always liked the teachings that the SHIVA/SHAKTI  Masculine Feminine forces are always in union, always lovemaking, constantly co-creating the Universe. 

Imagine a world where the erotic is celebrated and worshiped instead of reviled. It is returning big time.

SCORPIO territory is the soul’s terrain, the depths, it’s what matters. It’s all that matters.

Wherever Venus is, is where the feminine receptive energy is. it’s where values are, it’s where the MONEY is. Check out which house Venus in Scorpio will be slithering through and any aspects she makes in your natal chart.

Scorpio is the underworld, the place of death and rebirth. It’s the place of the Unconscious, refuse, recycling.  Scorpio territory is the wasteland, or the bottom of the river. It’s sexual shame, the baggage, the neglected stuff which is transformed through Venus’s love into self-love and esteem. This is a great time to further open those old sexual wounds to heal them. There is still tons ofwork to do on healing all of that out there.  Go deep, go down, go within, go into your deepest darkest sexual shame and focus your love onto it.  

SCORPIO is the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Old love affairs that have died may be rekindled now.. 

VENUS in Scorpio is The Empress, LIFE  and Death/SCORPIO combined.         

The Goddess of BIRTH and the Death Bringer, the HAG or Crone. Nature, the Goddess is both, in every birth there is a death. We are moving into that sign soon too. 

SCORPIO is the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Decide if you want to rekindle an old love again carefully.

SEXY Venus in Scorpio WOMEN

Hilary Clinton, Kris Jenner, Sarah Silverman, Ann Hathaway, Rachel McAdams, Mila Jovovich, Demi Moore, Jodie Foster, Naomi Watts, Condoleeza Rice, Serena Williams, Avril Lavigne, Twiggy, Grace Slick, Ava Gardner,   


Leonardo DiCaprio, Vladimir Putin, Jay-Z, Tiger Woods, Zac Efron, Drake,  Hugh Jackman, Bill Gates, Matt Damon, Keith Richards? Denzel Washington,  Joaquin Phoenix, Charles Manson?  Stephen Speilberg, Ian Somerhalder, Louis Thomlinson, Snoop Dog, Jim Morrison, Bruce Lee,  Mahatma Gandhi

How do you plan to use Venus’s energy in Scorpio?

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