Starry eyed but practical Sun opposite Neptune

The Sun opposes Neptune today an annual event. At the 15th and most powerful degrees of Virgo and Pisces, this aspects brings as many meanings and implications as there are dream interpretations.

Virgo Sun is earthy, always practical, grounded, hard-working, focused on getting the task at hand done on time and on budget. Virgo’s are doers not dreamers and here to serve others and community in a practical way.   

The current scandal of Sephora selling starter witchy kits with endangered white sage and who knows where it was sourced crystals is a Neptune Sun opposition. The bad press from Twitter has caused one company to shut down production.The fake witch styling did not pass muster as it is fake spirituality.

Virgo’s shadow side is Pisces and vice- versa.

PISCES is the last water sign, of spirituality, source consciousness, the end of the entire zodiac, completion, surrender, compassion, forgiveness, guilt, martyrdom, dreamers, illusionists, magicians, gurus, addictions,  karma, mental illness, jails, the psyche, psychic energy, mediumship, dreams, lucid dreaming, debt, glamour, Hollywood images, and projection and oil. All of that is Virgo’s shadow side. 

Pisces shadow side is Virgo, the incredibly critical, nitpick, detail oriented workaholic who never dares to dream, who feels unworthy, undeserving, is humble and penny-pinching.

This can be a brilliant Sunlit practical day to dream it into reality or a total spotlight onto the irrationality of that dream or illusion of love, or the greatest whatever the projection is. The hard light of reality may make that illusion poof in the daylight like vampires who can never be in the sunlight. 

All aspects have the possibility of going both ways. 

In these days of fake news, conspiracy theories and deep state and climate change or solar minimum or science deniers this is a microcosmic aspect of what is going on.

Perhaps its time to see if your dream lover, project or another spiritual ideal, guru, or projection can stand up to the tests of reality and hold up.

That could be a very clarifying experience.

Use this time to visualize in clear sunlit detail every aspect of your dream. Make it shine bright, Balance the spiritual and the real. Flesh out the ideal lover, job, home, trip. 

The Sun is gold and Neptune is ephemeral, like smoke on the water.

Virgo sun is physical Neptune is not. 

Take a piece of paper and write down all of your dreams on one side. on the other make a list of what needs to be down what the budget is, a timeline, and end dates of completion in full detail.

Focus on imagining the dream from both these columns.

Be careful of feeling alternatively grounded then off balance. 

For Virgo’s this may bring you a soul mate a dream realized a big manifestation. 

For Pisces this can be a come down or up. 

For Scorpio and Cancer its a nice sextile from the Virgo Sun and a trine to Neptune at mid-degrees.

For Capricorn and Taurus it’s a Trine and sextile and too for those born at mid-degrees.

Sagittarius and Gemini this creates a T-Square for those born right in the middle of those signs. Feeling pushed and pulled between reality or an illusion may crack you in two like an exploding firecracker. 

A good day to pay attention to your body diet and health, be loving and generous to everyone in the world, be compassionate with yourself, Be grateful for all that life offers. Do something charitable today, give away something without expectation. 

Dare to dream in whatever situation you are in. If we don’t believe we cant make miracles happen.

I’m on gorgeous Bowen Island and had a wonderful time gazing at the stars under a cloudy sky but it was magnificent, no mosquitos lying on the solid rock surrounded by absolute quiet. Paradise. I am grateful.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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