Quirky times

Aug 23 Daily Astrology Tara Greene It’s Officially Virgo Time Aug. 23-Sept. 22.

We get grounded practical disciplined and focused. Virgo is the sign of work health and service. It is the polar opposite to Pisces and we all need to balance spirit into matter in the most humble way. Back to school time too.

Harvest time. The Virgo Constellation is the largest and the Great Mother Ceres is the living archetype of Mother Nature. Virgo rules health diet discipline A good time to do a cleanse before Autumn Equinox.


We all have Virgo somewhere in our natal astrology charts. This is where to focus your energy now.

Aquarius Lunacy ruled the day. Expect chaos shocking situations and bright ideas.

 You can be detached from your emotions and better able to examine them. 

Moon and Sun are inconjunct/quincunx and that can make our energy fields feel WAY OFF.

Moon sextiles Chiron in Aries and Saturn is squaring Chiron too

I am feeling these energies so much as my natal Chiron is at 1 plus degree of Capricorn where Saturn is and in this heavy challenging square. Ancient buried rage and wounds are blasting up like volcanoes and earthquakes which we are seeing in the world. 

Cry or rage safely as much as you need. 

Moon squares Uranus in Taurus

QUIRKY TiME embrace your weirdness. No one is “normal.”

I’ve gotta run my lungs are aching I am so exhausted. 

Hope you are managing to keep going. It will improve when Mars turns stationary 28th of August and then direct a couple of days later. Remember that it will take until October 6th before Mars gets passed his Retrograde degree of 9 degrees 13 minutes of Aquarius.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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