Serious love issues

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Aug. 9 The Moon is in Mothering nurturing need to be needed Cancer. Stomachs rule. Need to eat for emotional anxiety is strong always under Cancer Moon’s but what with Mercury-Mars Uranus Neptune Pluto and Chiron all Retrograde now until August 18th it’s totally understandable and opposed to Pluto the planet of control early in theA.M.

The Moon goes VOID-of-Course at 7:21 am all day in EDT and PDT. 

It’s A rough ride in relationships and achieving balance today. Under an already moody emotional Cancer Moon;
Love and relationships and all socializing may be very frustrating;
VENUS in LIBRA may feel helpless that she can’t be seen or heard as stubborn individualism Uranus in Taurus is contrary to her charm as she is inconjunct to URANUS in Taurus. This also comes down as technical difficulties quite literally.
MERCURY in LEO Retrogade us also inconjunct or quincunx to NEPTUNE in PISCES making arrogance selfishness and the downside of Leo prominent. Dreams and illusions may be shattered. Hearts may sink. Disappointment and disillusionment may set in.
VENUS Square SATURN in CAPRICORN and still opposed to CHIRON in ARIES
This can be a great day to make a long-term commitment in love or business. But also can mean serious breakup energy too. The love hurts or heartbreak hotel energy is a major theme of the upcoming Leo Solar Eclipse Aug. 11. I am so backlogged and bust having to take care of other things I haven’t been able to write about it yet in detail.
VENUS trine South Node + Mars Retrograde and Lilith
Women your freedom flag is flying now with Venus in Libra in trine to the South Node conjunct Mars Retrograde conjunct LILITH at 00 degrees AQUARIUS. Let go of the Patriarchal tyranny of man-made religious mythologies. Write your new freedom and equal rights now. The North Node will enter Cancer Sign of the Mother November 6.
This energy will also be significant in the Aug 11 Solar eclipse.
Look at where 00 degrees Aquarius and 00 Leo fall in your natal chart.
Moon enters Firey passionate I AM THE STAR LEO in the evening in PDT 
and opposes MARS also PDT making for high passion and repressed ego’s wanting to do battle.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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