Uranus Retrograde totals 6 planets Retrograde now


uranus Retrograde Tara Greene Tarot AstrologyUranus the weird wacky planet of chaos, change, revolution, freedom, old hippies and new boho hipsters and nerds, equal rights, inventions, A1 Cryptocurrencies, Cyberspace, hi-tech, and higher consciousness turns

RETROGRADE Aug. 7 at 2+ degrees Taurus until January 6/7 2019. Uranus renters Aries November 6 That’s an important day right?


This means there is now a rare 6 planets moving retrograde until August 18th/19 when Mercury turns Direct. The best thing to do is to learn to surf on the Chaos and thrive. Be resilient. Be bendable, not rigid. Life is always all about change, nothing ever stays the same.

You could also say that 7 “planets” are Retrograde as I did write this initially which would include Chiron which has also been retrograde since early August. It is not technically a planet but now classified as both a minor planet and a comet. Designated 95P/Chiron and 2060 Chiron. This body is the ancient Greek symbol of the Wounded Healer or shaman. While Chiron Retrogrades back from Aries back to Pisces on September 25 we have a chance to really heal the last of the old karma self-undoing false self-image and separation from Source energy. Chiron turns DIRECT DECEMBER 9 @ 27 degrees PISCES squaring the Galactic Center a great place to release all ancient karma back to the source of all life in the galaxy.

Look back at all the changes you’ve been through since May 15 when Uranus entered Taurus, I know seems like ages ago already right? Uranus re-enters Aries November 6 which is general Election Day in US. Guess what’s gonna happen then? Omg, the cosmos is perfectly in synch.

The backlash fires will be burning hot. There may a civil war breaking out in U.S. after election time. You may feel this on a more personal level as well.

While these 6 planets are Retrograde it is extremely frustrating. Try to just breathe through it. I know its hard to be patient. Best to just wait if you can.

Deja Vu weirdness. 

While Uranus is Retrograde weird chaotic and unpredictable things will be happening again-Deja Vu weirdness.  Things are never written in stone. Best to have plan A B C D etc. to fall back on.

Especially if you have planets at early FIXED SIGNS and at the end of Cardinal signs you will feel the URANUS RETRO DANCE heavily. 

4 degrees FIXED TAURUS LEO SCORPIO AND AQUARIUS-Yes where Mars is now



This is a big karmic lesson in having no attachments to outcomes.

i gotta go i have too many things to juggle right now. 

MARS RETROGRADE and URANUS are in square to each other as URANUS turns Retrograde amping up this gnashing of teeth frustrating hair pulling energy until October 9 by aspect. 

Bullying and underlying rage cannot be controlled anymore. A civil war is set to break out in the U.S. and in other parts of the world. expect more Wildfires volcanic explosions earthquakes and just crazy crazy stuff. Just breathe and accept it for the phase it is. Its a slowing off of old ideas in the patriarchy. Many are angry and want to hold on and many want to tear down the old structures of 5000 years of attempted control of the Divine Feminine. It’s over Patriarchy.

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