Full Capricorn Honey Rose Moon June 27/28

The CAPRICORN Full Moon is hard as a rock covered in Honey. The natives named this the Honey Moon Rose Moon, Flower Moon or Strawberry Moon, and the Oak Moon, Cold Moon or Long Night’s Moon from the Southern Hemisphere – and look in the moon’s glare for a starlike point. That point is a planet, Saturn. MARS is also at its brightest having just turned Retrograde. 

Capricorn Astrology Tara Greene

As seen from the entire Earth, the terrible duo-the two most malefic planets traditionally will climb highest up for the night around midnight and will sit low in the west at dawn on June 28 and 29.

Saturn is opposed to Sun and conjunct the Moon. Full Moon is exact at 6 degrees CAPRICORN June 27 @ 9:52 pm PDT/ June 28 @ 4:52 am GMT 

Mars has just turned Retrograde at 9 Aquarius for the next two months.

Saturn the Moon and the SUN make a T-square to Chiron in ARIES

There is a fiery pressure of defensiveness and a burning passion to start a new healing. WIth Mars Aries and Scorpio;s ruling planets Retrograde the passions and healing will be boiling away on the back burner in prep for August 27 when we can begin to move forwards. 


CERES at the last critical degree of LEO TRINES VESTA on the Galactic Center in Sagittarius and Trines JUNO in ARIES. 

This is a huge fiery energy triangulation. CERES is the Great Mother and Queen in LEO.VESTA is the Goddess of investments and what we invest ourselves in. On the Galactic Center invest in what inspires you what makes your heart sign what makes you wanna dance and be proud and express joy d’vivre in your heart. JUNO is the 9 armed Magic Wand symbol for Female Genius.

JUPITER in SCORPIO trines NEPTUNE and Athena


Deep soulful submergence into the shadows powerful dreams and wise strategies.

Venus in LEO at 16 degrees opposes MARS and the SOUTH NODE and squares JUPITER RETROGRADE

We are being challenged to stay true to our hearts yet work with our deepest fears and shadows/ While Mars is Retrograde we will get a chance to review rewind recycle rekindle and be kind. 


The pivotal point is our hearts women strength courage strength to defeat the unconscious self-sabotage and plutocrats and New word order trying to divide and conquer and take over and annihilate the world.

Pluto opposes ATHENA and MERCURY in CANCER squares ERIS in ARIES

Athena and Mercury in conjunction makes for good strategies from felt senses.Be careful not to leave anyone out or uninvited which could make them turn on you in revenge. Eris is the shit disturber of the Zodiac. 

Its intense and gonna get more intense as we head into eclipse season. stay grounded stay hydrated oxygenated and fiery especially as Mars Retro dampens the spirit and the go.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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