Capricorn Full Moon weighs in June 27-28

I am giving you a quick preview of the CAPRICORN Full Moon @ 6+ degrees =7

Capricorn fine art Napoleon Brousseau

by John Sandbach which struck me as being so àpropos.

“A satyr gazing at his reflection in a pond.

A jaundiced eye based on past experience bending the truth to fit negative preconceptions. Long ago and far away, having become enchanted or imprisoned in a lesser state of consciousness, you still follow out the consequences karmically. Wildly driven to impose the past, to convict yourself of ancient crimes. Self-righteously wrong. Gloriously depraved. Virtuously impoverished. Devoting magnificent resources to a bleak, forbidding track. So hard on self that mercy and compassion are out of reach. Brutal realism that simply proves its own premises to be correct. All this is ultimately redemptive if a higher law, a more fertile truth intervenes. But it takes miracles, and you do not believe in them nor feel worthy of them. Yet miracles it will be if your self-condemnation lets them in at the crucial destiny-moment; just as you knew it would be, underneath the practiced frown in your twinkling heart.” 

Doesn’t that suit the prevailing mood so much?

will write more soon about the Full Goat Moon

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

more fab art drawings from Napoleon B.

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3 thoughts on “Capricorn Full Moon weighs in June 27-28

  1. the goat fish. what is more amazing is the white race comes from god marduk the sun.The children are disconnected from their father. saved you 20.00 bucks. you dont have to buy the book the secret.


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