Heart and Soul Venus in Leo square Jupiter

Venus in Leo the Queen of Hearts defender of children creativity self-expression willpower and drama squares Jupiter in Scorpio Retrograde June 25.

Are you in an In a bad romance you can’t let go of and are constantly obsessing over? 

Venus square Jupiter in SCORPIO can be used to bring deep sexual intimacy and fantasies to light.

Venus in a tense hard aSpect to JUPITER in sexy deep SCORPIO

Jupiter is Scorpio is expanding secrets in everything-your own psyche and in The world-check out that declassified memo. Jupiter in Scorpio rules the cabals of super wealth and finances. Some shocking falls from power will be had.

Jupiter is Scorpio makes us want to explore the dark sides wild sides sex, exploring forbidden. Territories, our deepest shadows. This aspect keens our sense of “x-ray” vision-the ability to see right through the pretenses. No one can Fool you when Jupiter in Scorpio taps into that energy. Under this energy You may discover truths about yourself that you didn’t realize you had.

Jupiter in Scorpio is about Power- the insatiable obsession for it and the ruthless need to be in control. Certain Scorpios are having their darkest sides exposed now or hunkering down deeper into their own cells.

Venus square Jupiter

Are two very personal planets dancing a dangerous exciting super dramatic dance of seduction, power, money laundering, prostitution, mercenaries, sexual politics, maneuvers of power, justice, espionage and politics are all front and center now.

As Jupiter expands everything it touches this is a golden time to find a soul mate.  Venus in Leo must be dominant though. The Feminine must be in control of the lower chakras like the Tarot symbol of STRENGTH #11 or #* in most decks. 

Strength Tarot #11 Tara Greene

Scorpio is ego annihilation through the Power of sexuality. That is the truth about sexuality. Sex death life birth is all part of the same cycle. That is what the “little death” is all about as the French aptly call the orgasm.

Open your heart to your shadow. Love your shadow love your fear. The famous psychologist Carl Jung said “There are only two things to choose from  Love or Fear.”  Which do you choose? If you choose Love you have to love all of the dark unconscious scariest dark parts of ourselves. That is the most necessary work. To find total self-love. Use this aspect wisely. 

Get out of that bad romance relationship power trip now. Listen to your intuition and your heart.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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