Communication breakdown Aries Moon

8/6 Aries Moon made the warrior feel wounded and vulnerable last night conjunct to Chiron. Licking our wounds we re-energize now as the Aries moon marks a new monthly cycle.                   Aries energy is all new! It’s got energy overload/the spark is Lit, it’s full of fight, aggression, pumped up, testosterone, let it rip, spontaneous energy.

Patience is nowhere to be found. It’s a good time to start new projects as you have more competitive oomph.

Aries  moon sextiles Mars- it’s ruling planet.

This amps up the martial energy even more. You can pop out of bed early and race around.  Tempers will be easily ignited. Watch out for this as Aries loves to fight and win.

Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn      Some serious shit must be accounted for. Aries tends to rough ride over things. You may be in the carpet and held accountable.

Mercury in Gemini  inconjuncts Pluto

this aspect aka  quincunx 150 degree aspect is challenging., the two planets are in different elements and don’t see each others OS.

Communications breakdowns are to be expected. Trying to double talk may not swing the deal. Your deeper shadows will trip you up. But everybreakdiwn is a potential breakthrough.

Aries moon inconjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio

Mood and unconscious feelings are at odds. Pay attention to what drives you to power, to what drives you to battle and fight. Perishable you are fighting yourself? Dive deep into your emotions. Take a quick glance, you don’t have to tarry long. Jump in jump out get a spontaneous impression and hold it. Ruminate on it while you go about your stuff.                                                               The Moon stays in Aries  until 9;04 pm PDT on the 9th/ June 10 in EDT and GMT.

Moon goes Void Of Course Saturday june 9 @ 12:37 pm PDT/ 3:37 pm EDT/ 7:37 GMT.

Drve safe with Aries moon. Be careful on not getting too riled up reckless and seeking danger overly much.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of  Tara Greene.

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