May 14-20 Weekly Horoscope

Huge changes this week. URANUS enters TAURUS MAY 15

Mars enters AQUARIUS on the 16/17

Venus enters CANCER  on the 19th

SUN enters GEMINI on the 10th @ 10:15 pm EDT

Moon is in Taurus May 14-15th

Moon is in GEMINI May 15 @ 4:43 pm EDT

Moon is in CAncer May 17 @ 5:47 pm EDT

Moon is in Leo May 19 @ 7:11 pm EDT


Radically ask for what you really want as Mars enters Aquarius on 15/16th in your 11th Solar house of wishes hopes and dreams. Everything is set to change. You are in harmony with the Uranian revolution. Organization management and networking feature. Connect to your tribe. Uranus enters your solar 2nd house to radically change your finances resources and self-worth. Things can be chaotic so be ready to roll with the punches. Venus in your 4th house brings love home. Curb your enthusiasm by nurturing others. 


Ready or not here it comes. Radical change to everything you knew about yourself. Resistance is futile. URANUS the planet of chaos freedom and invention will affect every singleTaurus from May 15-2018-2026. A sweet sentimental homey family oriented energy arrives on the 19th as VENUS your ruling planet moves into Cancer. Love needs safety.This energy is fertile and useful for gardening cooking and home improvements Do Celebrate major new intentions on the  NEW MOON in your sign on 15th as you are up for major shifts in every way. 


URANUS delivers unexpected electro-shock therapy to your 12th house May 15-th. The 12th is home of your unconsciousness self-sabotage addictions dreams delusions spiritually and psychic energy. A good time to do alternative therapies. Be willing to look at your own shadows in the light of truth and make the physical adjustments necessary. Love planet Venus slides into your 2nd house of money and self-worth. Show your affection openly. Mars sparks up 9th house of adventure education travel and optimism. GEMINI time to shine on the 20th.


Love comes home to roost in our sign on the 19th with Venus in your sign. Focus on the family will be more loving nurturing and joyous. You need to learn to receive love as well as give and nurture others. Uranus planet of change activates your 11th house urging you to find freedom make big changes to your career and reinvent yourself. The action planet Mars is in your 8th house of deep emotional changes letting go and transformation. Good for getting material support from other people and sources.


Ding Ding. Change of career ahead as URANUS enters your 10th house of worldly fame. Be ready for change yourself and to change the world. Be flexible as this energy could blindside you too. Reinvent yourself or invent something and start your own business. The love planet Venus in your 12th house activates your dreams and psychic energy. You may feel a telepathic connection to a special someone or a lost love. Mars activates your 7th house of relationships. You are a lover a mover and shaker right now. Enjoy.


URANUS activates your 9th solar house of traveling publishing teaching higher education and adventure. Get out there on the edge and expand your horizons. A good time to go back to school or take a huge risk in your career. Mars enters your 6th house of work and health. You may feel anxious and restless so get active and get moving. Venus enters your 11th house of wishes hopes and dreams. Love may come through a work or networking connection. 


Your sex and love life is going to change radically as the revolutionary forces of freedom enter your Solar 8th house bringing a Scorpio like emphasis. This could feel like major chaos. You will want to be more independent. Open relationships can enter your life. VENUS your ruling planet in Cancer makes you sentimental and craving emotional security. It’s time for comfort food and affection. Your sex life improves with Mars in your 5th house. Things may get dramatic. Be careful where you put your passion.


Uranus in Taurus awakens you to pursue freedom and unchartered waters in everything. Long-standing relationship breakups are very likely with this planet in your solar 7th house. Your image may go through a drastic change. Your sensuality will surface. Mars your ruling planet in your solar 4th house makes you energized about your home. Watch your temper. Use the excess energy to improve your abode. Venus in Cancer makes you sentimental moody and changeable. You may find yourself snapping at everyone.


Career and work need a complete overhaul. Get tech savvy help to radically changed what you serve with Uranus in your solar 6th house. If you are in a rut this can be marvelous. Get down to redesigning a website social media and other necessities. Your Health regime changes too. Veganism raw and superfoods all become your thing. Mars in Aquarius in your solar 3rd expands and enriches your communications skills. Visualize a new plan. Venus in Cancer in your 8th house brings benefits from women nurturing and improving your home. 


Uranus in your 5th house of leadership drama self- expression children and creativity open brand new shiny doors. You will have to think outside the box. If you are on the cutting edge of a new product service or virtual anything you’ll be fine. Your taste in lovers changes. Children may act out. Mars in your 2nd house brings more competitiveness. You can close that deal. Venus in Cancer in your 7th house of committed relations brings the need for emotional safety and nurturing. 


Your home life is about to be ripped up and altered with Uranus in your 4th house. Better to do this with your intention than have it done to you. Do renovate your home move go further and change city or country. Family ties can radically alter. Mars in your 1st house gives you confidence and an added edge to push ahead. Venus in Cancer in your 6th house of health indicates a change in your diet and health routine. Listen to your tummy. Make your office homier. Women need your attention.


Uranus the awakener in your 3rd house of communications and siblings may bring some shocking conversations and revelations. Changing the way you think and communicate is radically important. Mars in your solar 12th house activates your already powerful dreams and enhances your 6th sense. Always trust your intuition. Be careful with addictions and paranoia. Venus in Cancer in your 5th house makes you moodier. Love can be more fulfilling. Best to stay close to home. Express your creative nature. Nurture those you love. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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