Canadian man lynched in Peru over indigenous woman’s murder

A Canadian man who was lynched and murdered in Peru by indigenous people as a suspect in the murder of an Icaros Shaman Olivia Arevalo Lomas, 81 a human rights activist of the region’s Indigenous Shipibo-Konibo people.
The Canadian-Sebastian Paul Woodroffe was a suspect he was born October 26, 1976, in Barrie Ontario Canada. Here is the Canadian man’s astrology chart.
He was having Uranus conjunct his natal Chiron in Aries and South Node is Taurus opposite his Scorpio Sun North Node. That is a very fated thing Sun conjunct North Node exactly. Scorpio is about death secrets control shadows.
Pluto in Capricorn is also close to squaring is Natal Mercury @ 25 Libra.
This indicates deep unconscious urges. 
Whether he was the murderer of this woman or just a scapegoat. “Peruvian news reports suggest that Woodroffe was killed by a group in reprisal for his suspected involvement in the brutal shooting of Arevalo Lomas. Her killing has sparked outrage, following other unsolved murders of Indigenous activists who had repeatedly faced death threats related to efforts to keep illegal loggers and oil palm growers off Indigenous peoples’ lands.”

With Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio mysterious deaths murders and forensic issues appear.

what do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Canadian man lynched in Peru over indigenous woman’s murder

  1. He was clearly innocent and the mob are disgusting and evil. The real murderer(s) are obviously among them, but they are too dumb to see it.
    I would be interested in his Astrocartography for Peru.


    • yes it felt horrible to watch that video where this poor man is lynched.This incident may dampen the ayahuasca tourism trade.I felt terrible for that beautiful indigenous woman shaman too. Yes can look us his astrocartography. We will see how this one pans out.


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