Mars conjunct Lilith April 18-May 13

An empowering MARS LILITH exact conjunction March 18-19 @ 17+ degrees CAPRICORN conjunct to PLUTO squaring ERIS in ARIES. That’s a very strong uncompromising Masculine Feminine balance of power. This could be what is creating the historic North Korea-South Korea Peace agreement.
Things are changing big time my friends. If you have planets from 15-25 degrees Cardinal signs- Aries Cancer Libra and Capricorn you are feeling this energy.
This aspect can empower any woman or man to embrace and bring into your body the powers that LILITH represents. LILITH really only wants to be treated as an equal which she already is. Capricorn is practical physical and represents the Patriarchy. It could symbolize women really becoming fierce Amazon Liliths and refusing to have sex with men and fiercely attacking any Patriarchal senators or old boys club trying to restrict women’s freedom of choice. It’s Not good for President Trump involved in a sex scandal with Stormy Daniels/ Lilith -who came to represent a prostitute or any woman considered sexually liberated. Perhaps we will see legislation coming out over this next while attesting to this.
Lilith is one half of the feminine aspect of God. She symbolizes the First Woman created equally from the red earth as Adam was. Lilith refused to let Adam dominate her sexually and because she had G*d’s powers She is the Goddess Herself she left Paradise and went to live by the Red Sea leaving Adam alone abandoned and rejected in the Garden of Eden. These are archetypal stories. This is the original backstory to the more common Genesis story that most people are familiar with.
Honor Lilith, she is the first woman preceeding Eve. She is Kali like and she kills the ego. She is not a vampire or evil that is all fear projections onto her. Every woman and Man has Lilith somewhere in their astrology chart.
Lilith is the death-bringing aspect of the Feminine. She is a necessary counterpart of the mothering birth giving aspect of Life. Life would not exist without Lilith. In this dualistic universe, everything necessitates its opposite. 
Lilith represents wild free female sexuality which is omnipotent compared to men. Lilith holds the key to SHAKTI Tantrix sexuality and kundalini healing energy. When they are bleeding women are at the height of their psychic powers and women were considered the most powerful to have sex with when “on their moontime.” Ther blood was considered holy and Tabu-which originally meant sacred. Menstrual blood was mixed with herbs probably psychotropic plants and used for all manner of healing trancework and magical spells. The Taboo bad rap Lilith got was simply to scare women and men away from using these potent powerful sexual lovemaking rituals. A woman menstruating is also the least likely to get pregnant and Lilith’s put down was also simply to keep people from having sex for pleasure only.
In Judaism, the Shekinah is 1/2 of G*d’s Feminine side Lilith being the other half. In Christianity Mary Jesus’s mother is the Shekinah the life-bringing nurturing unconditionally loving and suffering Mother. Christianity and Judaism basically wrote Lilith out of the Archetypal creation story. Eve is obviously a man-made creation from Adam’s rib. Lilith is the snake in the Tree of Knowledge. Mary Magdalene as the sacred Prostitute and now hailed as Jesus wife and High Priestess is an emanation of Lilith although she is human. Mary Jesus Mother was also a Tantric High Priestess as she birthed Jesus parthenogenically.
In Ancient times and I swear I remember this since I was a child- a man who had been to war was healed from PTSD and the sin of shedding blood in a profane way by Sacred Temple High Priestesses who had sex with them while menstruating. The High Priestesses channeled Lilith’s energy and literally transfused these men back to life and wholeness through their menstrual blood. The men could then return to normal society whole and rebalanced. 
LILITH in the Natal Chart 
LILITH strongly placed in a natal chart always shows this independent energy. Men are attracted to and terrified of strong Lilith women.The hallmark of a strong Lilith usually results in relationships ending very suddenly by the Lilith person or by the other one. There is no talking about it and no compromising. 
LILITH will be in aspect to sexy MARS for a month but then the plot thickens.
LILITH CONJUNCTS PLUTO May 17/18 @ 21+ degrees until July 28
Lilith will remain within 8 degrees of PLUTO and then Lilith enters the 29th and most critical degree of Capricorn. This deepens Lilliths power. 
Pluto is the collective unconscious and Lilith symbolically merging with Pluto brings her back to life in Persephone/ Inanna territory where she can be rebirthed  in the Collective.This deepens LILITHS power.  She is the death bringer aspect and her connection to PLUTO further emphasizes that treat me equally or I’m outta here. 
This feels very powerful to me as a signal that Lilith is ready to be fully honored and respected. Her original energy has been reviled disgraced and ignored for millenniums. If women’s menstrual blood powers are treated as sacred and Holy as they always have been great healing will ensue in the world. 
Women must stop every month when they get their periods and withdraw from work and the world to honor this sacred time Traditionally women would bleed on the New Moons the Dark Moon and retreat for three days to sit secluded with other women in Red Tents moon lodges menstrual huts caves or in modern times in their own homes to be present fully with the beauty and power of their blood and dream feed their bodies and allow themselves to rest. Releasing is a feminine time. 
I say Hail Lilith and call on all women to honor Her within themselves. She has been living in every woman’s body since the very beginning and She lives on as the Crone aspect too. Embodying Lilith helps rebalance the world. 
Check out where these degrees of Capricorn are in your own natal chart to see how Liliths energy will come through for you. Check the aspects Lilith Mars and Pluto will make. 
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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