Reality Recheck Saturn Retrograde

Saturn Retrograde, backing down on his own turf- the corporate mountain of worldly success.

saturn astrology Tara Greene

Saturn’s Atmospheric Changes

Yes the planet of Karma, Time Taxes, death, old age, pensions, senators, plumbers, seniors, heavy laborers, architects, leaders, chiropractor’s, who was known as The DEVIL,in the Tarot #15  turns Retrograde we all have to do the hard work of getting down to business. It is most truly a Reality recheck.


Saturn is the Old Master the great tester, the obstacle maker, the one who piles the traps, trials, and tribulations higher. Saturn is like lead, he is never lightweight. He teaches us to work hard and to have patience and persistence and never lose sight of our lofts goals the top of the mountain of success.

Saturn rules Reality per se. Anything that takes physical third-dimensional form is governed by Saturn. Saturn is the bones, the skeleton, he is the patriarchy, the father, the old boys club. Saturn is the rules and the how things work. Saturn is the builder the architect. We all have to pay homage to Saturn as he rules time aging and death.  

This indicates Senators senior CEO’s and those who hold places of high success in the world may be falling from their perches. The jury is not out yet on Zuckerberg and Facebook  Starbooks is recently in Trouble and of course, this indicates Trump and any other world leaders about to fall from their perches. 

This can also indicate the Queen being voted out of leading the Commonwealth. Queen Elizabeth is the longest-lived reigning royal. She has been Queen since June 2,1953, 64 years. On May 16 week leaders meet to vote Prince Charles in. The Queen is turning 92 years old on April 21st. I’ll write more about this soon. 

As Saturn moves backward through his own home turf he is in a better place and he wants to put business in order.

But uh uh uh. NOT SO FAST. ANY and ALL unfinished business father issues psychological and karmic authority issues, shadows tests and obstacles that you haven’t dealt with- GUESS WHAT? Saturn will delight in roasting you over the coals to get you to deal with them now. And I would advise you to face that scary scary place now because it will take another 29 years till you get another opportunity.  And see it as an opportunity please. 

Everyone born between March-May 1988 and December 1988 until February 1989 have Saturn from 2-9 degrees CAPRICORN which is the exact degrees Saturn is Retrograding through.  From the soul’s perspective, you have to get down and get dirty in the mud of your own filth. Not to wallow in it or throw it at anyone else in blame, but to own it as your own. MY SHIT!


All countries with these degrees prominent will get their proverbial coals raked over.

this includes  Libya – December 24, 1951, January 1, 1993 – the Czech Republic January 1, 1993 – Slovakia January 1, 1984 – Brunei January 1, 1956 – Sudan January 1, 1901 – Australia  January 1, 1960 – Cameroon

People you may have thought you broke up with could come back into your life. Saturn does symbolize people and karmic relationships and events. You may have to fix something again. Issues around parenting, your children, parents, especially your father, and taking responsibility for stuff is important.  

Use these intense five months to really do your deep inner work Saturn is known as the Devil. Face your demons and shadows and come out stronger.

If Saturn transits an angle in your chart the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house cusps. The effects will be more pronounced as that angle governs the development of the 3 houses in that quadrant

I am available to help you deal with and navigate through Saturn’s school of HARD KNOCKS.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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