Aries New Moon of testosterone and chaos

New Moon in Aries April 15 @ 6:57 pm PDT/ 9:57 pm EDT/ April 16 @ 1:57 am GMT

fire tara greene Aries New Moon

ignites a power surge of monumental furor and change as URANUS and ERIS Goddess of DISCORD conjuncts ARIES NEW MOON @ 26+ degrees. Uranus is also on the 29th critical degree getting ready to mozy into Taurus on May 15th.

Whatever shocking unexpected energies have happened over the last couple of days were a precursor to this new Moon.- The U.S. France and Britain have bombed Syria April 13. the Starbucks arrest of the two black men and Zuckerberg’s testimony about Facebook last week etc.

Uranus brings higher consciousness freedom revolution and unexpected energy.

check out where 26 Aries is in your Natal chart to see where all this new explosive energy is going.Uranus is finishing up his last 8 years of start me up with new technology and revolutions.

Mercury is turning Retrograde and information will begin to flow again slowly.

The SUN Moon ERIS Goddess of discord and URANUS are all in a tight huddle.

You know what that means.

We are in a very very tense period.

TWO HEAVY PLANETS are getting ready to stop and turn RETROGRADE next week

SATURN planet of Karma and PLUTO Lord of Sex Death the Plutocracy power control secrets and everything filthy that needs to be recycled. Planets are the strongest when they are moving slow about to station and change direction.

MARS ruler of this NEW MOON is sandwiched at the mid-point of SATURN and PLUTO like a rabid dog.

Mars wants to fight and he is triggering this spontaneous although probably long planned out attack on SYRIA. Mars rules wars heroes the Patriarchy as does Saturn. This is a super testosterone driven New Moon.

ARIES is the symbol of THE KING or EMPEROR in the Tarot #4

This is Donald Trumps’ root soul and life path number BTW.

Mercury Eris Sun Moon and Uranus in ARIES thats 5 HOT planets all ruled by Mars in earthy Capricorn in the natural 10th house of worldly affairs.

VENUS Goddess of love and beauty is opposite Jupiter in Scorpio

Neptune in PISCES is separating from a loved up spiritual sextile with Venus and a trine to Jupiter is coming into effect as Jupiter moves Retrograde

CHIRON is at very last degree of PISCES finishing up his last 8 years in PISCES.

Apr 20, 2010     2:28 AM                Chiron enters Pisces
July 20, 2010    5:46 AM                Chiron Rx enters Aquarius
Feb  8, 2011     2:55 PM                Chiron enters Pisces
Apr 17, 2018     4:09 AM               Chiron enters Aries
Sep 25, 2018     8:12 PM               Chiron Rx enters Pisces
Feb 18, 2019     4:07 AM               Chiron enters Aries

This is a huge karmic letting go. So much old detritus coming up. Release and release and release. You will have one last chance from September to feb 2019.

My advice is the energy is so spontaneous. I heard Beyonce lit Coachella on Fire.

remember that the heavy Saturn is moving at a snail’s pace. A karmic retrograde is about to start April 17th and Saturn is RETRO until SEPTEMBER 6th.

We will have to review rest repair regard reneg and all the other Re things for all of these months

the same day Chiron enters ARIES and PLUTO turns Retro on the 22nd of April until  September 30.

Its a lot to handle. Mainly CARDINAL energies SUN MOON MERCURY

ERIS URANUS VESTA in Capricorn PLUS Saturn Mars Lilith & Pluto thats= 10!

It will be hard not to spontaneously burst into flame and we have SATURN in CAPRICORN to thank for that. + MARS and PLUTO keeping it real. Hard very hard but real.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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