Rare Blue Moon Easter Rebirth

Hope for clear skies and if you are a magician or witch you can get outside and move the clouds to see this Rare Blue Full Moon in LIBRA.

We won’t see another Blue Moon until October 2020 and not another Blue Moon in March until 2037. Only 3% of all Full Moons are blue. To have two in consecutive months is very rare. While Blue Moon’s have no actual astronomical or astrology meaning pop science- clickbait has played this up. It is simply a Gregorian calendrical occurrence.

The nitty gritty of this LIBRA FULL MOON @ 11 degrees LIBRA

HEAVY KARMIC MARS SATURN conjunction squaring both the Sun conjunct Retrograde MERCURY and the Moon.

This is a very tense heavy fated time of energetic endings conclusions and structuring.  MARS and SATURN in combo are called the “Great Malefics” they are the worst combo of antiquity astrology. They are considered enemy planets yet Mars is considered to be exalted in earth Cardinal Capricorn.  Because all that rocket fuel testosterone wild man energy of MARS is held in strict discipline by SATURN. It’s a tough Man up drive required to make a stand in the world. Their conjunction is exact on April 2nd and very ponderous. I don’t know about you but I was really exhausted today. Mars is firey energy action aggressive movement spontaneousness aggression guns and war.

SATURN is the REALITY and FATHER principle-The Patriarchy history seniors senators age time- 3rd dimensional limitation obstacles and lead. Saturn rules serious commitments architecture the skeletal system. This is a heavy driving with the breaks on which can be very frustrating. In your personal life, many may be feeling like we have hit a wall. You can also use this energy positively with great effort to take on a new resolve job career or discipline.

VENUS is the ruler of LIBRA and she has just entered her feminine home sign of TAURUS. Venus is really in her power in the sensuous artistic creative romantic resourceful 2nd sign. Venus is also Trining Vesta at the Last degree of SAGITTARIUS another final lesson in focussing our wills. 

LIBRA is traditionally the sign of marriage balance equality and justice. It is an AIR sign related to analyzing and intellectualizing of relationships. Symbolized by the Card #8 or #11 JUSTICE in the Tarot. 

A power-packed solid Masculine earthy energy is in a wide Trine to VENUS in TAURUS. The main message of this Blue Moon is to balance the relationship field to equality between men and women and within ourselves. There is resistance from Mars and SATURN to Aries Sun of actions initiating and a Retrograde Mercury which makes us retrace older steps. Libra needs to honor the needs of others. We can see these planets clearly reflected in many of the current political situations in the world both positively and negatively. 

PLUTO is still in square with Eris and URANUS

This is a higher degree of the same Cardinal Crosses which are pushing and pulling for intense transformation freedom breakdown of old corporate Plutocracy. Pluto rules waste garbage and recycling. If a culture isn’t conscious of its own archetypal soul drives and needs and it has drifted into materialistic consumerism superficiality or 1% ruling the mountain then it needs to fall apart. Pluto will do that it takes many years and it is in process. 


This is a very painful time but also a huge opportunity to heal many ancient wounds and karmic patterns now. It is vital to be vulnerable to drop the masks and defenses and to allow our wounds to be fully felt because this is the only way to find healing. Allow yourself to feel the whole range of denied feelings -grief rage suffering shame anxiety pain losses self-sabotage martyrdom depression rejection self-hate abandonment criticism addictions and delusions within.The last degree in the Zodiac is the most powerful as it symbolizes the end of the journey; completion and returning to Source.

Retrograde JUPITER- remember him is also trine Chiron helping us to go down to the blackest depths of the soul to find the light. 

The Moon is sextiling North Node in LEO making a Yod to Neptune in PISCES

The best way to find balance at this Blue Moon is to see everything through the reflection of spirit/God/goddess in each other. 

John Sandbach’s Chandra symbol for this degree is

“Pisces 30. A dense forest of organ pipes. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Inspired

(Degree Angel: Mumiah (MOO-mee-YAH) Spiritual Cleansing, Endings and Rebirth)

This degree is aware of the vast number of possibilities in life and of the music that can arrive from all the potential interactions with the universe around it. What is to meet this plethora is the inspiration coming from inside – the music that arises from the self and is played out in lifetimes. The more we allow ourselves to flow the more what is most needed and beneficial for us will come forth from the inside as well as meet us from the outside. This is the truth of this degree.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A large halo in ring formation around the moon.” Pisces is the sign of acceptance, and here in its last degree acceptance reaches completion. So often we think we have accepted something only to find there are deeper levels to which we may go in this process. It is easy to accept what is beautiful and wonderful, but to accept all the rest, the ugly, the sad, the scary, the terrifying, that is where there is so much more of a tendency to reject or deny. This degree thinks in terms of bringing all emotions into the fold of the great and complete family of emotions, and the magic of it is finding that when all are accepted, the spiritual radiance reaches perfection, and we achieve the release for which we have been searching all along.

Pleiadian Symbol: A seer, on his back and gazing into the sky, becomes a channel for cosmic messages. 

Azoth Symbol: An object of great beauty unearthed.

Seed degree: 30 Pisces is its own seed degree

Fulfillment degree: 30 Pisces is its own fulfillment degree” http://john-sandbach.blogspot.ca/2010/05/167-omegachandra-symbols-Pisces-26-30.html

Chiron will enter ARIES APRIL 17

the same day as SATURN turns Retrograde in PDT/ April 18 in EDT and GMT heralding a new 50-year cycle.Chiron retrogrades back into PISCES for another go-round on September 25 and finally re-enters ARIES on February 18, 2019, until April 14, 2027 a brand new healing adventure begins.

Happy Passover

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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