Fire alarm Foreign affairs

March 9

Moon’s in truth-telling adventurous optimistic SAGITTARIUS

SAG. is the sign associated with Foreigners and International affairs. Guess what was in the news today? 

Yes TRUMP agrees to meet with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un before MAY-to discuss denuclearizing- that’s URANUS and PLUTO territory-N. Korea before URANUS enters TAURUS on the 15th. 

JUPITER is the sign of foreign diplomats and a fire sign and these two certainly have traded fiery insults at each other. Are they two peas in a pod? Can’t you just visualize Kim in an old-fashioned knickered golfing suit with plaid socks and a pompom cap playing golf in Mar A Lago with Trump and smoking Cuban cigars? 

JUPITER the planetary ruler of SAGITTARIUS {and PISCES} just turned RETROGRADE  in PST EST and Today in GMT. 

See previous days post-

SAGITTARIUS super honest moon squares the PISCES SUN

Which is the doubly whammy with JUPITER ruling both these signs.

I am a double Sagittarius and something very suddenly ended today although I did have an intuitive sense of it. I was still surprised as it came bam just like that. It’s all good though because another eve better door opens. 

Expect more sudden stops and endings with JUPITER REtrograde.

The key word for JUPITER retrograde is literally 


Jupiter was known as JOVE to the ROMANS and he was Jovial happy optimistic trusting and that’s what the root word of JUV means. to Re happy yourself. 

MOON conjuncts MARS at 25 + degrees SAGITTARIUS on the Galactic Centre

Hot to trot you must exercise your right to fight for the truth

This aspect really helps anyone align with the super Black hole cosmic vagina streaming energies. They are huge. Download a little bit of it and trust what you get. Just tune into G.C. 

MOON trines URANUS in ARIES later in the day then moon goes Void-of-course

MOON URANUS always makes the emotional ride wild crazy fun electrifying chaotic. Enjoy the wild wild night.

Moon squares Chiron in PISCES later in the evening in PST

Next morning in EST/GMT 

Saggy bluntness can hurt sensitive empaths and compassionate people’s feelings. You yourself fire signs may feel a wee bit sensitive too. Shed a few tears if you need too.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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