It’s complicated Good bad and eh

There are 7 major Lunar aspects today from the big Pussy Cat Moon in LEO

That’s a lot. The fire aspect helps us to burn off much of the emotional Pisces tsunami we’ve been feeling. The Leo fire seems to have boiled over into some rage and anger. The long and short of it is this. The Good the Bad and the Ugly

There’s a VERY GOOD  Grand Fire Trine from LEO MOON to MARS in SAGITTARIUS to URANUS in ARIES

Grand Fire Trine Tara Greene astrology


That uproariously crazy jingly jangly energy from those inconjuncts QUINCUNX’S continues today. As Moon does it to MERCURY in PISCES PLUTO in CAPRICORN and VENUS in PISCES later with CHIRON in PISCES to.

Moon squares JUPITER in SCORPIO -can be good or bad.

tensions and power trips. Good for insights into why and how confidence works. 

MERCURY squares MARS in SAGITTARIUS-can be good or bad

Let ‘er rip. Truthful stumbling over your own hoof in mouth disease. Be careful of someone spilling the beans in some delusional projections which may serve to clear the air.


That Mercurial trickster sucking up to all the big boys. PUT your winged baseball cap and sandals on and fly. Pray to your angels to inject some compassion into the big old boy’s patriarchal structure. 

We are one day before a VIRGO FULL MOON featuring Sextuple PISCES planets- Ok 4 planets -and 2 asteroids for the Virgo inclined.

Moon enters VIRGO in PST at night.

Prep for the FULL VIRGO MOON In advance of course.

FULL MOON is at 4:51 pm PST/ 7:51 pm EST/ March 2 @ 12:51 am GMT


early in the wee hours. celebrate that one. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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