All that glitters Astrology by Tara Greene

Feb 27 VENUS in PISCES SEXTILES PLUTO in CAPRICORN  in the wee hours

The sexual tension is heavy. Venus’s 12th house placement brings up all kinds of unconscious subconscious underworld-Pluto’s heaven stuff. The dark shadows will emerge in our most intimate relationships.

The MOON in the SIGN of the Big PUSSY LEO now until March 1st

Leo Astrology Tara Greene

Adam Cuerden, restorationist

Passions run high and big ego’s do too. 











It will be a day of stress and confrontations as the Moon inconjuncts 3 planets!

INCONJUNCTS or QUINCUNX’s- { I love that word} are when two planets are 150 degrees apart. They are in totally different elements; Eg.

FIRE and EARTH- Aries to Virgo or Leo to Capricorn or  Sagittarius to Taurus

EARTH and AIR- Taurus to Libra or Virgo to Aquarius or Capricorn to Gemini 

AIR to WATER-Gemini to Scorpio or Libra to Pisces or Aquarius to Cancer

WATER to FIRE-Cancer to Sagittarius or Scorpio to Aries or Pisces to Leo

and ignore each other’s needs completely or don’t know how to communicate with each other’s needs.


confrontations with those in power and authority issues. 

LEO MOON inconjuncts the SUN in PISCES

The SUN rules LEO this indicates a spiritual schism within one’s own psyche. Delusions of grandeur and other projections which we don’t want to see may backfire.All that glitters is not gold. 

MOON in LEO inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES

This is more of the same dreaded stuff we don’t want to talk about it. The addictions to glamour money beauty and ego which is in total contrast to our authentic spiritual natures. All that glitters is not real. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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