Dark Moon Lucid Dream Intentions

The Moon is in Pisces now. We’re in the 3 days of the dark moon from the Aquarius Solar Eclipse. Whether you saw it or not you felt it on some level. 

This is the best time to stay in the dark and in the void and dream of all the pure potential to come. Intention setting now is very powerful.

The usual watery emotionally soft mood can be somewhat reserved and cold as Moon sextiles SATURN in Capricorn.

Romantic and lucid dreaming tonight as PISCES MOON conjuncts VENUS.

Set your dreaming intentions high. The energy will carry through until Sunday.

A great time to meditate do yoga be creative sit back and reflect be soft open receptive. Be kind.

Our hearts feel more compassionate to other and out psychic senses our enhanced under every PISCES moon and PISCES time of year which begins on the 18th when the Sun enters PISCES. 

With the heartbreaking massacre of all the high school kids on Valentines day our hearts feel ripped right open from such a senseless tragedy. Send prayers to victims and their families and friends.

Moon squares MARS in SAGITTARIUS at 11:11 pm EST

This is an upbeat honest urgent energy. JUSTICE must be served. People are angry at the too lax gun laws and the NRA which bribed senators and which has blood money on its hands. Act on your feelings fight for truth and justice.

Moon conjuncts NEPTUNE in the evening. 

Very romantic dreamy “must meet my soul mate” energy. Neptunian Pisces times are always the best for lucid dreaming poetry dancing painting with watercolors and learning to fly and be awake in your dreams. 


MARS in SAGITTARIUS squares NEPTUNE on the 17th in the wee hours


Mars is conjunct to the GREAT ATTRACTOR at 13+degrees bringing in the felt sense of connecting to the vastest galactic “out there” energies. MARS in SAGITTARIUS is aiming for truth and the meaning of it all.

This MARS square may burst bubbles of romantic illusions.  Do be careful and mindful about taking any drugs alcohol or spiritual plant medicines this weekend as your enthusiasm and “easy going” Sagittarius nature is rather naive. It’s easier to get highly intoxicated under these energies. It can be used to really programme travelling to higher dimensions.  Or going back into your past lives. Are there places on earth you are attracted to historically? These are most likely past life memory places. Explore this in your dreams through meditation and setting intentions before you sleep.


Further enhancing the dreamy mind soul heart connections.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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