Unicorns rainbow adventure Sagittarius moon


in the wee hours it happened already.  Did you wake up from dreams of pirates adventures traveling perhaps otherworldly adventures? Did you have a funny or embarrassing dream of being naked on the street dream? Did you dream of unicorns rainbows and treasures at the end of them?

That’s the kind of dream stuff a Jupiter ruled night would be like.

Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES

You may be feeling like you are still in a dream sleepwalker head in the clouds dreamy daydreaming or otherwise not all here. This Neptunian mist will be persits all day. That’s what NEPTUNE does to you. Also a dream of finding a soul mate to adventure with to tell the world the truth with; to be comrades in arms with optimism. You have to be able to see the humor about spirituality and New Agey things today too.

Best use of this energy is to be spaced out and meditate on your higher purpose what your spiritual truth is. How you can contribute most to the world. Be grateful for all the adventures you’ve had here.  Your psychic and intuitive energies are heightened so be aware of what is around you and other peoples energy fields and auras as well. You can venture in your mind’s eye to other dimensions-upside down one’s parallel ones and into far distant galaxies. Get a vision of the future past or an in-between space.

This may be the day when you discover your shaman is rather shabby. Illusions are broken bubbles burst personally and collectively. This is a good thing as it clears the air of projections.

Be very careful about not getting sold “the next best” whatever cryptocurrency your ideal soul mate best guru cleansing detox or publishing opportunity or trekking vaca. 

Moon sextiles Mercury in AQUARIUS

This gives us the ability to see everything from a higher perspective and allows us space to breathe. 

Remember to breathe it is very important. Gallop away on your adventures. I have personally found myself being more klutzy will MARS is in SAGITTARIUS so if you find yourself spilling things walking into walls and other kinds of I’m not really in my body events today it’s definitely this Neptune Mars Moon in SAGITTARIUS energy.

It’s an optimistic day. remember to laugh or make someone laugh.

Humor is the best medicine.

Pay attention to your dreams tonight too.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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