Jupiter square Nodes

Jupiter at the 15th and strongest degree of SCORPIO is squaring the North Node in LEO and South Node in AQUARIUS. The nodes of Fate.

Jupiter is expanding the psyches dark shadows needs for power control leadership -LEO energy, with ruthlessness-SCORPIO energy, in a battle of the wills. We can see this one brewing in the world about Israel the U.S. North Korea etc.

Anyone with planets at these famous 15th degrees of fixed signs is really feeling the pressure. Born during the Middle of TAURUS and AQUARIUS included.


SATURN at the zero degree world point of CAPRICORN is semi-square -45 degrees from the SOUTH NODE and from JUPITER. Semi-squares are 1/2 of a tense square. Not as bad but still irritating.

We are dealing with fated issues from the past. Saturn is karma we are going to have to pay the Cosmic taxman for past choices now.

All ARIES CANCER LIBRA and CAPRICORN’s are feeling Saturn holding them to task. This is a new 7 year cycle. Think Long-term.


We do not want to repeat the past. We want to learn from our past and move forwards. Aquarius south Node is new technology innovation “progress,” What has this new tech given us which has also kept us in an old pattern? Has this “brave new world” created egalitarian ideals or Theon us back into a “dark age” which is largely invisible?

Personally Jupiter wants expansion growth change and rebirth and he excels at accelerating it. Jupiter in Scorpio is a speedy death-a good death. Your fate is in your hands. You get to decide how much you want to grow and what needs to be dropped and recycled to fertilize and create new growth.

Think on this at this imperative turning point in the seasons.

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All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Happy solstice Happy Capricorn Times Happy Christmas

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