Unexpected love and healing-

12/20 Welcome to the new mini-era of SATURN.

Astrology Tara Greene -Simon_Vouet_-_Saturn,_Conquered_by_Amor,_Venus_and_Hope_-Simon Vouet [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I thought about the last 28-29 years since Saturn last was at the Galactic Center and crossed the WORLD POINT at zero degrees CAPRICORN.

You could also look back to Saturn’s last 1/2 return 14 or 15 years ago.


The Capricorn Moon makes “living is easy”  sextiles with CHIRON in PISCES which allows for an unemotional view of our emotional pain body which promotes healing.

Capricorn moon squares URANUS in ARIES

Get a move on. We are entering a new mini-era.

the big aspecting planet today is VENUS in SAGITTARIUS

VENUS squares Chiron in PISCES

Venus in SAGITTARIUS will speak her truth whether anyone likes it or not. Her blunt honest words may hurt but if they are guided by compassion great healing and intimacy may occur. The focus is on releasing old emotional baggage. Venus in Sagittarius will trot on to the next adventure if you are not bold and honest enough to join her.

VENUS trines URANUS in ARIES later in the day.

Love could come from an unexpected admirer or place today. You could be randomly struck by cupid’s bow and rush headlong into a passionate adventure.

Adapting a new truth attitude or inspiration helps you lead the way. Do anything different today. Be spontaneous upbeat adventurous. 

MOON enters Aquarius in the evening

Prepare for winter solstice

gotta go now

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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