Healing in the Heart of the Sun

The SUN + the planet Mercury joined up on the 12th at the heart of the SUN at 22 degrees SAGITTARIUS. 

This is conjunct the FIXED STAR Ras Alhague a sapphire blue star on the Head of the Snake Charmer in the Constellation of Ophiuchus or the Serpent Holder. This is never a 13th constellation. There are forever only 12 because of the 24 hour day and only constellations on a narrow band of the ecliptic were counted.

“It is said to give a passionate blindly good-hearted wasteful and easily seduced nature unseen dangers enmity and slander. “- Robson P. 54

The Constellation is also called Aesculapius or Asclepius and is related to all shamans and healers who originally were snake charmers who hypnotized the snake through playing music. Yes, there is a connection to sound healing and trance induction through drumming chanting or sound vibrations. The Snake is the symbol of kundalini energy and wisdom and LILITH embodying the snake of wisdom in the Tree of Knowledge is related to that as well the source of enlightenment.

The Tower Tara Greene Tarot cards astrology

The Kabbalists associate this constellation with the 16th Tarot Trump of “The Lightning struck Tower.”  This is the same symbol for the 911 event. A shock a wake up call a blast of clarity which destroys the ego- the head.

 With the current politics in the U.S., I find the connection and meaning to this star rather amazing don’t you? Don’t be fooled by a fake snake charmer. Trump got a big Trump Tower blast today as Alabama voted in Democrat Doug Jones over bible thumper Moore accused of sexually molesting underage girls. This is the first time in 25 years that Alabama had a Democrat senator.

As Mercury passes through the Heart of the SUN in this transit we are reminded that we source our own light through our consciousness. The SUN the STARS always shine in the darkness. 

Old programming should be burned up in the heat of the sun’s love. This is a cleansing by fire. Allow its surrender to the flames. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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