Dec 11 is easy. 12:12 numerology

The astro energies on Monday are LITE. take a breather.


which makes for some literal inconvenient bubble popping veils falling dreams of relationships which don’t quite match reality. It can be used creatively somewhere between idealism delusion illusion and balanced judgement.

Moon sextiles VENUS in SAGITTARIUS.

This is a lovely friendship relationship BBF reaching out to be social energy.


is a big NUMEROLogy day. 12 is the number of constellations used in ancient zodiacs. There can never be 13 constellations or signs despite the delusions and ignorance about astronomer’s on what Astrology’s history is. NASA buys into this false news story. Thousands of years ago only the 12 signs that were located right on a narrow band of the ecliptic were chosen because there are 24 hours in the day. Very simple and obvious just do the math. The 13th constellation Ophiuchus is not entirely on the ecliptic.  13 is the number of lunar cycles in a year though.

Mercury conjuncts the SUN in reverse this day.

I wont go into it too much for now.

Enjoy having a light easy Monday.

blessings TARA


Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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