Retrograde Gemini Super Moonwalk

Retrograde FULL SUPER COLD MOON DEC 3rd @ 11+ degrees GEMINI

Gemini Full Moon Astrology Tara Greene

MERCURY is Gemini’s ruling planet and the trickster has just turned RETROGRADE at the 29th most critical degree of Sagittarius where Mercury is already decimated. The traditional term is debilitated.

I know that many of you have already been feeling the pre-show of Mercury Actual retro moonwalk. I sure have.

Gemini is a light wordy heady curious sign. Mercury governs all types of communications the items we communicate through as well as merchants and thieves. GEMINI is known for being the Peur Eternus or Peter Pan of the Zodiac. 

This Super Gemini Full Moon- the last one of 2017 is in effect the swan song of this year is a reflection back at WTF has gone on in 2017!

VIRGO you will also feel Mercury’s retro very strong as it is your ruling planet as well.

SERIOUS HEAVEY SATURN is conjoined with MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS known for having “hoof in mouth” disease. Saturn makes every word; every e-mail- text- snap chat– Instagram- tweet super heavy and ponderous. Your every word will be weighted in SATURN’s  Karmic scales of JUSTICE.

BE SUPER CAREFUL of anything you say it will be held against you until proven innocent. Think of Mercury Retrograde as Recycling words. 

SATURN and MERCURY are conjunct at the Galactic Center until December 9th. Reviewing some karmic lessons, are we?  The Mars in LIBRA- Uranus up your anus in ARIES opposition is still in effect. Notice that REPUB TAX BILL rammed through on December 1st at 2:00 am? 

This may be a GEMINI SUPER MOON unlike any other. Hasn’t this year been off the wall enough? 

THAT WALKING on the clouds JUPITER in SCORPIO NEPTUNE TRINE is giving this moon a dreamy heavenly glow. But be careful of being roofied as Jupiter in Scorpio is unscrupulous sex cunning underworld stuff and Neptune in PISCES is being drugged. Too much of a good thing as well.

NEPTUNE exactly squares the SUN and MOON

This will be a very dreamy spaced out Gemini Super Moon. A good time to see our shadows and begin to talk about the split within ourselves and in the world.

Neptune in PISCES on its highest spiritual side helps us to see that we are all one and whole. The illusion is the split. This can be very psychic and creative. Many people will feel the strong pull of the moon and be extremely psychic sensitive and overloaded. Many people may feel split. Don’t self-medicate or run to your addictions. Reach out for help at this time. A great time for meditation yoga dreaming and learning more spirituality.

MARS in LIBRA sextiles SATURN + MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS inconjunct ALGOL at 26 degrees TAURUS

The medical term Algology means the study of pain. “You will not be able to ignore suffering and horror or brush it aside.” – Diana Rosenberg.  ALGOL is the ARABIC name for ALCOHOL which is forbidden for Muslims.  Alcohol is an addiction a demonic urge to escape truth pain your God self and creativity. One of the most powerful aspects of this Full Moon is this sense of with Neptune squaring the SUN and MOON and this “Finger of God.”

MARS is male sexual energy which is imbalanced. SATURN and MERCURY are truth karma and communicating a higher message of freedom to the world. Sexual and power abuses and addictions have been very newsworthy, and they will continue to flow like a dam bursting with feelings so long held in check they seem to be flooding the world with their pain.

This is a very potent aspect to bring to LIGHT now. MEDUSA was considered the great demon star and the patriarchal telling of her story is that she is MEDUSA a monster who turns men into stone. Perseus the hero of the story cuts off her head. The original story was that MEDUSA was a beautiful Goddess from real AMAZON tribes from Libya which the patriarchs were killing to destroy the Goddess worshippers. You know that look? Medusa can now be honored again, and her AMAZONIAN powers returned. The Wonder Woman film 2 is being made right now.

NEPTUNE and PLUTO are moving into a sextile {60 degrees apart} with each other which is close now but which officially begins from May to late October 2018. 

THE NORTH NODE our highest spiritual evolutionary GPS and CERES the Great Mother are exactly conjunct at 17 degrees LEO.  Love the earth Gaia, we need to protect and stand up for her. The two are also inconjunct to PLUTO in CAPRICORN at 17 degrees. 

This can spell environmental rape and disaster. Keystone Pipeline is being built; the DAPL has already spilled oil. The Middle East will be heating up with new wars supposedly because of oil. 

The news about sexual predators Toxic PATRIARCHY is in the news as a real thing and also as a metaphor for the Rape of the earth. 

” What have they done to the earth?

What have they done to our fair sister?

Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her

Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn

And tied her with fences and dragged her down. “

– Jim Morrison The Doors 1967

Venus is at 2 degrees Sagittarius squaring TRANSPLUTO {aka Goddess ISIS} at 2 degrees VIRGO. Transpluto is PERSEPHONE is CERES/Demeter in GREEK- daughter. She is the Feminine Form of PLUTO.  Women sex power the earth it all symbolizes the same thing. 

LILITH is also at 2 degrees Capricorn trining Transpluto. TP is PERSEPHONE- Raped. LILITH and TRANSPLUTO will come out raging shortly from the Underworld underground. This will be felt as earthquakes volcanic eruptions and other terrestrial events. 

Reflect rewind and recollect rekindle some old conversation on this Gemini Full Moon. 

Wishing you all the best. SOLSTICE is up next.

please share widely all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE.

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