Balance or blow. Mars opposes Uranus

DECEMBER 1st- Tensions mount as The BIG ASPECT- Mars, planetary God of WAR- of Men and the masculine polarity,  in LIBRA opposes URANUS in impulsive fiery ARIES.

We feel that we are walking on a burning tightrope. It takes dexterity and utter calm to balance in our heart centers at this time.

We can see this energy personalizes as North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un “Rocket Man” continues to test and launch nuclear missiles threatening the U.S. South Korea and Japan with Nuclear war.

LIBRA The book of birth of Iskandar See page for author [CC BY 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

We need to Balance many apsects in our lives or we will blow up or blow it.

If you have planets at 22- 28 degrees of Aires Cancer Libra or Capricorn you are feeling this opposition most strongly.

While Mars is in Venus’ sign, noted for diplomacy, relationships, indecision, Peace, legal matters and balance it helps-a lot.

This Cardinal opposition @ exactly 25 degrees of First FIRE sign Aries and 7th sign Libra is a showdown. We are feeling the tension in our personal relationships and in the culture around us. Everything is super polarized-black or white with intolerance everywhere.

MARS rules the sign of ARIES and planet Uranus while it is in ARIES. even though Mars is indecisive in Libra it’s influence rules over both planets now. In this case cooling off that ARIES spontaneous “fire the missiles” instantaneously energy is a very good thing. Mars in Libra dials down the heat here in a good way.

Venus and MARS have been in each other’s signs for the last little while which has brought a little bit of nice harmonious energy.

Venus enters fiery SAGITTARIUS December 1st

less than an hour before this exact opposition in the morning hours @ 2:05 am PST/ 5:05 am EST and 10:05 am GMT. This turns the heat on right away as Venus rules Mars while it is in LIBRA which it is until December 9th.

MARS enters SCORPIO December 9

MARS is in His greatest influence and strength in his Feminine emotional sign of Scorpio. In ancient rulerships, a planet governed both a masculine and a Feminine sign which is way more balanced.

So the strengths and weaknesses of the planetary rulers should be an interesting gauge to personally tune into. It will add spice and more unexpected flavors to the mix.

As Uranus is moving into the last degrees of ARIES during 2018 this past 7+ year cycle of Uranus in Aries since 2010 will be seen in hindsight as the beginning of an 84-year cycle ending in 2094 approximately.

This URANUS in Aries initiation is a FIREWALK 

A burning away of old ways and of creating new technology, iPhone now the norm of billions of people. New inventions- nano tech, medical transplants and cures, new forms of energy, etc. new freedoms- gay marriage, liberties for LGBQ etc. And a change in attitude towards transgender individuals, and indigenous peoples rights. Also interracial marriage and freedoms and equality for women  in wages repsect and laws which protect women from sexual abuse and harassment.  These liberation’s the world has never witnessed before.

Mars in Libra needs to bring balance into these new inventions and cultural initiatives . Equality and free access to the internet which URANUS symbolizes needs to made secure. This is a topical issue right now.

On a personal level the urge to change for breaking away revolution freedom and liberation is very strong.

Men may be feeling weak and unsure of their roles in society and in relationship to women. In times of great change we need to be able to be adaptive. We need to see through “the others” perspective.

“Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose.” Kris Kristofferson wrote. Many people have nothing to lose and the urge to fight is strong. That is a current we see all over the world. Uranus’s double waves are an electrical current. 

Personally relationships can be rocky. Mars in Libra wants everyone to like him. He defines himself by and through his relationships. He is a nice warrior with good taste and judgment. This Masculine energy affects women as well.

Mars in LIBRA rules the justice system.

Current legal allegations against men sexually abusing women and men needing rebalancing and addressing in legal terms. This will be initiated over the next year.

Talk things over. Be diplomatic. Communications is key to everything.

Men need to balance their own reptilian brains which are hardwired. They aren’t the dominant predators and defensive physical hunters, warriors or knights but intelligent creators. The need to physically work out at the gym and look super pumped stripped hunky and macho these days is that counterbalance.

Old hired wiring brain programs are hard to overcome. But with patience and a balanced middle way which honors both sides needs with respect great new strides in civilization culture and relationships can be made.

Initiate the New with a balanced outlook. Things are never black or white. There is much intolerance these days. The middle way is always the best. It will take great effort to walk that path of the Tao right now.

I am praying that “Rocket Man” does not start a nuclear war now. 

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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