Neptune turns direct 11/22 Numerology

Neptune is turning direct on 11/22 since the dreamy’s planets Retrograde turn on June 16th @ 14 degrees 16 minutes of PISCES which is the 15th and most powerful degree.

visionary arts Napoleon Brousseau Toronto

Neptune Turns direct “Memory Fog” painting by Napoleon Brousseau

This was also in square to the Great ATTRACTOR at 14 degrees + SAGITTARIUS  which according to astrologer Philip Sedgwick is one of the most major of galactic anomaly’s. ABEL 3627 draws in all other Galactics and allows us to see “what’s around the bend” as it bends light. See link below.  In effect “what are we attracting/” was the major focus of this retrograde. Neptune governs creativity spirituality ” soul Mates” past lives karma forgiveness compassion addiction oil and martyrs. 

As NEPTUNE is direct on a very auspicious Master Number day 11/22

it packs a more powerful pay attention signifier.

11 in the tarot is STRENGTH /JUSTICE and also interchangeable with karmic #8

11 is the number of memory. You already have all the answers within you. 

#22 is THE FOOL the symbol of enlightenment. Also equal to ZERO. The fool is the wise innocent who trusts totally and lives fully in the moment.

Think about your spiritual progress and process over these past five months. Think about your dreams at night and daydreams what kind of patterns processes figures have you discovered? Any old emotional issues came to the surface to be cleared-abusive relationships?  Any addictions issues you have noticed or wrestled with? 

This is a day for stating new dreams and positive intentions using the Numerology and another very important aspect.

Saturn is sitting exactly on the GALACTIC CENTER @ 26 degrees SAGITTARIUS this is a monumental aspect. It only happens once every 28-29 years. Saturn is the key holder to all of the 3D reality and the Galactic Centre is the cast gateway and portal to all other dimensions of time and space. I will be doing a LIVE invocation to Saturn at the Galactic Center tonight on the COSMIC INTELLIGENCE AGENCY PAGE at 5:00 pm PST/ 8:00 pm EST/ 1:00 am NOV 23 GMT.

VENUS @ 18 degrees SCORPIO is also squaring the North Node in LEO and Ceres and the South Node of the Moon in AQUARIUS. This adds further thrust to following the soul with love and confidence and to lead with the heart. 

Moon is in Capricorn today and will conjunct PLUTO to keep us grounded.

It will take until March 13, 2018, for Neptune to cross over its Retrograde point. That gives us a long time to re-integrate improve on and focus on our new dreams spiritual relationships and growth; creativity and compassion for ourselves and full All That Is. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Art by Napoleon




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